US…Israeli discontent goes public….

President Obama has never really like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…..

He also hasn’t liked the fact that Israeli Foreign Policy isn’t gonna move much in the way of making accommodations with the Palestinian’s….

On top of all of this?

The President and his Secretary of State are gonna somehow to make a deal with Iran on their nuclear program so that America can get help FROm Iran in solving a whole mess of things in Iraq, Syria and who knows where else…

Israel, which does BILLIONS in Defense business with the US has an Ace in the hold on the President though….The Jewish vote and the Republicans in Congress….

So one shouldn’t be surprised with the political knife fighting going on that has spilled out in public this week….

Israeli politicians spent most of Wednesday responding with outrage and concern to an article in The Atlantic quoting a senior American official calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “coward” — and also using a more colorful but vulgar synonym that starts with “chicken.” Mr. Netanyahu and his allies denounced such a personal attack as inappropriate, while his critics declared it evidence of the dangerous deterioration of the state’s most treasured alliance that Mr. Netanyahu has caused.

Then, in late afternoon, a senior Israeli official offered a new spin. “It appears that someone in the administration is trying to pre-empt Prime Minister Netanyahu’s criticism of an imminent and highly problematic deal with Iran,” said the official, speaking on the condition that he not be named, since that is how this game is played. “It is a transparent attempt to discredit the messenger instead of dealing with the substance of his criticism.”

It would be easy to write all this off as what Aaron David Miller, a veteran Washington observer on all things Middle East, called “the nanny-nanny-boo-boo kindergarten school,” where “they call each other names.” But there are serious underlying differences in Israel and the United States regarding the fate of Iran’s nuclear program, and the downward dip between their leaders comes at a critical juncture.

With a Nov. 24 deadline looming, Israelis have watched, with rising concern, signs of an international deal that would allow Iran to preserve at least some of its nuclear program and would bring about the lifting of crippling economic sanctions. Worse for Jerusalem, President Obama’s aides have indicated that they will try to bypass a vote on the deal in Congress, where Israel’s support is strongest and Mr. Netanyahu has occasionally made direct appeals…..



There ARE some in Israel that are ON President Obama’s side against the Israeli Prime Minister…..

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