Morning Roundup For October 31, 2014…North Carolina Recount Prep getting ready…Red Racing Horses

by: Right Reformer

Good morning everyone, and Happy Halloween. We have very scary roundup … for Democrats.


Ebola:  Still no coherent policy from the White House, and the cake is baked going into the midterms. My sense is that this has a general “malaise” effect on Dems, and less of a specific impact because of the issue itself.

Israel:  This wouldn’t be the Obama administration if there weren’t one more tale of incompetency on the eve of the election.  In addition to someone calling Prime Minister Netanyahu “a chickenshi*t,” both John Kerry and Joe Biden snubbed the Israeli Defense Minister last week by refusing to meet with him.

2016, Clinton:  At an event in Maryland for Anthony Brown, Clinton was repeatedly heckled by immigration activists. Apparently they also made a showing at a Kay Hagan event last week.  Keep up the protests against Democrats, Dreamers.


MD-Gov:  Not even Hillary could pack a house for Anthony Brown in College Park, Maryland.  Even if Brown wins, he will have limped into office.

ME-Gov:  LePage has promised to use his full authority to ensure that a woman who has returned from West Africa goes through normal quarantine procedures for Ebola.

FL-Gov:  This is kind of an awkward interview between Sean Hannity and Rick Scott, but you can see Rick Scott is really trying to be likeable.  Also, they show part of this ad, which is pretty good.


538:  Nate Silver gives the GOP a 68.5% chance of takeover, our highest odds all year long. Basically the GOP picks up 8 seats, with a 1/3 chance of a 9th in NC and a 1/5 chance of a 10th in NH.

MT-Sen:  The Executive Director of the NRSC is telling stories out of school, and decided to go on the record with the fact that the NRSC discovered John Walsh’s plagiarism earlier this year, and leaked the story to the NYT for breaking.  I don’t think this reduces the value of the hit, but the timing is weird.  Maybe wait till after the election to explain the NRSC’s oppo research strategies.

NH-Sen:  In a Candy Crowley moment, a debate moderator interrupted Scott Brown and incorrectly advised him that his New Hampshire geography was wrong.  The Shaheen campaign intends to make a big deal out of it by sending the Democrat to Sullivan County, but the moderator has already admitted that Brown was right and apologized.  I’m sure Shaheen will do the honorable thing here, and not demagogue on a false issue.  Wait.

LA-Sen:  Landreiu says it’s hard in the South, where people are so racist and sexist.  I’m paraphrasing only a little.

NC-Sen:  Recount preparations are being made by both sides in NC.  Part of this is normal prep that any smart campaign would do, but it’s also partly about the recognition that the NC race is so close that it could easily go extra innings.


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