For those flying into JFK or Newark from Ebola places…Some Answers…

…from New York’s WNYC….

For about a week now, New York and New Jersey have been facing a barrage of criticism over the quarantine policies they announced for travelers returning from Ebola-stricken nations. Critics, including relief groups, warned that imposing mandatory, 21-day quarantines for anyone who may have been exposed to the virus would discourage desperately needed healthcare and aid workers from going to West Africa. The case of nurse Kaci Hickox, the first to be quarantined in New Jersey, has only fueled the concerns. If you or someone you know hopes to fly into the New York City or New Jersey area from Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone, here’s some guidance on what to expect when arriving at JFK and Newark Liberty:

What kind of screening will I be subjected to at each airport?

At both JFK and Newark, you’ll first be screened by U.S. Customs and Border Protection staff, who will inquire about whether you’ve visited countries affected by Ebola. They will also request that you complete a questionnaire and your temperature will be taken.

What will happen next? If I have a case of the sniffles, am I going to be quarantined immediately?

At both JFK and Newark airports, that depends on which category you’re placed in during your screening….


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