The REAL majority in the Senate could almost be Women….

…from electoral-vote….

A record number of 13 women are running for the Senate as Democrats or Republicans. There are currently 20 women in the Senate. In the best case, there could be 27 women in the new Senate because in two states (Maine and West Virginia) both candidates are women and only one is going to win and in four states the incumbent is a woman. Here is the list of female Senate candidates.

State Candidate Party
Georgia Michelle Nunn Democratic
Iowa Joni Ernst Republican
Kentucky Alison Lundergan-Grimes Democratic
Louisiana Mary Landrieu* Democratic
Maine Shenna Bellows Democratic
Maine Susan Collins* Republican
Michigan Terri Land Republican
Montana Amanda Curtis Democratic
North Carolina Kay Hagan* Democratic
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen* Democratic
Oregon Monica Wehby Republican
West Virginia Natalie Tennant Democratic
West Virginia Shelley Moore-Capito Republican


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