Should Hillary just go ahead and announce next week?

I was for her announcing back then…

But you know what?….. I think she can wait…..


As soon as she does somethings change….

She HAS to be political as of that date…

Republicans WILL focus in on her……

President Obama will lose some juice…People will start asking her AND Obama for guidance on issues..Not wanting to be at odds with BOTH…

The media will treat anything she says differently…Being MUCH more critical …..

Campaign rules and regs kickin….

Me?….I think she can wait to at least the summer of next year…..

Here’s Chris Cillizza’s view….

Former Obama chief strategist David Plouffe is advising Hillary Clinton to announce her intention to run for president shortly after the 2014 election concludes, according to a terrific piece this morning by Politico’s Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush. “Why not?” Plouffe reportedly told Clinton about the prospect of an early announcement. “They are already going after you.”

Plouffe is right — both for the practical reasons outlined in the quote above and for more symbolic, but no less important, reasons too.

The reality of being Hillary Clinton — the best known politician not named Barack Obama in the country and a massive frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination — is that the campaign both for and against her is already well under way. There are outside organizations designed to gather opposition research against her (America Rising) and to protect her from that criticism (Correct The Record). There is a super PAC — Priorities USA — that is expected to carry the load of the pro-Clinton, anti-Clinton-opponent advertising and another one (Ready for Hillary) building a grassroots network for her candidacy.

Hillary Clinton, in the eyes of the political world, is already running for president. Waiting to acknowledge what everyone already knows and has spent the last year-plus preparing for makes little sense — particularly because running for the nation’s highest office requires massive amounts of time for fundraising, organization building, message development and so on and so forth. Why play coy when there’s no mystery?

Get in and start running.

Everybody already assumes you are…..



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2 thoughts on “Should Hillary just go ahead and announce next week?”

  1. I think the “formal” announcement is an irrelevancy.

    As for “focusing ” on her,that horse left the barn awhile back.

    Hell,almost everyone treats her as the nominee!

  2. The sooner she starts burying herself with her own opinions as the announced candidate, the better.

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