The Wrong Enemy: America In Afghanistan , 2001-2014…Book Review

The author is the longest serving reporter in Afghanistan .Having traveled and lived among the Afghans for the past thirteen years ,she is eminently qualified to pen the story of our involvement there. Personal interviews, stories of her travels and a keen awareness of what has happened there in that time comprise the bulk of the volume.

Her conclusion is blunt and concise :Contrary to the official United States line,the REAL enemy in Afghanistan is our so called ally, Pakistan. Gall explains Pakistani involvement here since that country’s founding in 1947 and its continued paranoia over its bitter enemy,India. The Pakistanis believe that a docile,friendly Afghanistan is a necessity for its internal security and, while feigning support, has never favored American involvement there. She portrays the Taliban as largely a creation of the Pakistani intelligence bureaucracy and makes a compelling case that they were at least aware of Bin Ladens hideout in Pakistan,if not actually involved in setting it up.

Gall illustrates how the Pakistanis would sometimes with one hand support the United States actions in Afghanistan ,while simultaneously encouraging the continuing Taliban incursions.Its all designed to keep Afghanistan in upheaval,a state Pakistan regards as desirable for her own security.

Gall shows open contempt for outgoing President Hamid Karzai and believes that his small minded tribalism has contributed to the present situation.She still supports American involvement ,but surprisingly presents no endgame,except presumably to eliminate Pakistani meddling .Since we still believe that they play a constructive role here,such is highly unlikely.Other than that ,Gall implicitly concedes that a PERMANENT American involvement will be necessary and even that will only save the status quo.

The real enemy will remain Pakistan and that the USA will refuse to acknowledge.They are the enablers.In short,without Pakistan, there would be no Taliban….

My Name is Jack…..