The Greatest Comeback:How Richard Nixon Rose FromDefeat To CreateThe New Majority…Book Review

The Greatest Comeback:How Richard Nixon Rose FromDefeat To CreateThe New Majority

by Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan,columnist, commentator and presidential candidate,began his political career as an aide to the then “finished Richard Nixon in late 1965.Stung by a presidential defeat in 1960 and a losing race for Gov. Of California ,Nixon ,then a New York lawyer ,who was still a politician at heart ,was Impressed by the writings of the young Buchanan and hired the Editorial writer of the St. Louis Globe Democrat,who along with his loyal Secretary Rose Mary Woods had a desk in the anteroom outside Nixons office.

The book is a basic history of Nixons comeback from Buchanans hiring until Nixons presidential victory in 1968.Much of it is consumed with Buchanans various memos to RN, all of which he saved ,on issues and political strategy.For such a Right Wing partisan ,Buchanan is surprisingly passive In conceding that Nixon was no “movement conservative”(indeed he often referred to them as “kooks”) and that others influenced the “boss” as Buchanan called him more than he Buchanan did.

The story told is as much of Buchanans coming of age as Nixons triumph and,unsurprisingly,one is treated to Pats well known Right Wing views and the correctness of them whether Nixon bought into them or not.For instance Buchanan apparently sees nothing ironic in referring to Spiro Agnew who later pled Guilty to a felony as a “law and order” man.Right Wingers are often for L&O for everyone but themselves.

The book ends with Nixons election in Nov of 68.Buchanan remains a speechwriter and advisor until Nixons resignation in 1974 and hints he will offer another book to cover the presidential years

What I found remarkable is how Buchanan readily accepted Nixons circumlocutions on so called conservative “philodophy” although he could be so doctrinaire as regards the same failing by others(see George H Bush in 1992).

I’ve read three or four of Buchanans books in the past .While I agree with him on little ,I enjoy his writing style ,he doesn’t pull any punches,often laughing at himself,all in all an entertaining read on this two year period of America at the beginning of the conservative “surge” which was to last essentially until 1992….

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  1. The Shift in the South and the White ethnic Catholic flight from the Northern cities were the key to building the majority. Ethnic Catholics Irish, Italian, Polish and other European ethnic groups in the cities from Chicago to Boston were almost all Democratic and the vast majority lived in cities. As the Black population of the Northern Cities more than doubled from WWI to 1970 Ethnics moved to the suburbs and became Republicans. This enabled the GOP to carry Pennsylvania, New jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut and Illinois more often than not from 1968 to 1992. Nixon carried NYS in 1972 and Reagan in 1980 and 1984.

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