NYPD Boss Bratton will stay the course on ‘broken windows’ policy

The Honey Moon is just about over for NYPD Commissioner William Bratton….

Hailed in his return back to command the nation’s largest Police Department, he has seen things go south on him in the wake of the arrest of a black male in Staten Island, by what may have been a choke hold by cops…

Bratton rolled out his policy of attacking small crimes, ‘broken windows’,  as a way keep big crime down during his first tour in charge of the department, after coming from the cities Transit Police when they where a separate department …..

The media recently has been on his case…

But he’s set his jaw and with his boss New York City Mayor deBlasio covering his back, he’s defending himself and policies…

With the help of large graphics showing more than two decades of falling crime rates, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton Thursday brushed aside both his sagging poll numbers and a police union’s prediction of a breakdown in law and order.

Bratton said he paid little attention to the poll or barbs from police union leaders. He also said quality-of-life crime prevention — a point of criticism among some community activists — will continue.

“I am police commissioner of the City of New York, I am not an elected official, so polls relative to my popularity . . . aren’t really of any great consequence to me,” Bratton said of the latest Quinnipiac University poll detailing his shrinking popularity.



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