Political Roundup for July 31, 2014…Hillary wants the Washington Redskins to change their name…Red Racing Horses

 Red Racing Horses

by: Ryan_in_SEPA

Wow it is July 31… where did July go? Polling is complete for our Tennessee Republican primary poll.  Results will be appearing soon.Congress
House/Senate Republicans:  With the momentum, Senate Republicans are warning their House counterparts to not screw up before election day.  Seeing the antics Republican Senate candidates did in 2010 and 2012, Senate Republicans really have no room to talk.

TN-4:  It appears embattled sleezebag Congressman Scott DesJarlais has a fighting chance to remain in Congress.  Although he has drawn a strong primary challenge from State Senator Jim Tracy, it appears DesJarlais’ voting record and recent cancer diagnosis are helping his chances to hold onto this ruby red seat.

KS-4:  Former Congressman Todd Tiahrt is being pushed to the left in his bid to unseat incumbent and Tiahrt replacement Congressman Mike Pompeo.  Tiahrt, whose previously been in bed with groups like the Club for Growth, is being attacked by them.

PA-Sen (2016):  Senator Pat Toomey has opened up a 5 to 1 COH advantage over 2010 challenger and former Congressman Joe Sestak.  Considering Sestak will likely face a primary, Toomey could enter the general election with a 10 to 1 COH advantage.

NRCC: Congressman Roger Williams is testing the waters to see if he could launch a challenge to NRCC Chairman Congressman Greg Walden.  Walden is in his first term and has made it known he plans to run again for the NRCC Chairman spot.  Williams appears to be getting the backing of people opposed to Walden’s support for openly gay candidates.

NRSC:  NRSC Chairman and Senator Jerry Moran claims the playing field has expanded to at least 12 seats as Republican candidates are gaining strength across the country.  If Moran could pull in 2/3 of those seats, I hope everyone of us who was skeptical of his NRSC role admits we were really wrong.

KS-Sen: Senator Pat Roberts’ tea party challenger doctor Milton Wolf might be dealing with a wounded group of supports who are enraged, but disheartened from the debacle that became the Mississippi US Senate primary.  Wolf appears to be down by about 20 points with the election being Tuesday.

Authenticity:  Red state Democrats are having a harder time winning over the necessary votes as they are being lumped together with national Democrats, but National Journal states the obvious and explains how candidates in states against their political grain can make successful careers.

Christie:  Is Governor Chris Christie a political dead man walking or can he make a comeback and be a strong presidential candidate?  I tend to think the later.  Christie has shown some strong fundraising prowess with the RGA and has built a good network of contacts.

Clinton:  Hillary Clinton is obviously making sure to hit every identity politics issue on the Democratic side by demanding the Washington Redskins change their name.



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