Christie and the weak 2016 GOP Presidential Sweepstakes Contestants..

 Chris Christie’s biggest ally: The 2016 GOP presidential field absolutely sucks

attribution: NBC
Like Romney before him, Christie faces a weak GOP primary field

According to a report from Politico’s Maggie Haberman, supporters of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie say he’s still a top tier 2016 hopeful—and their argument for why they believe that to be the case is pretty revealing:

Among the factors they point to: No smoking gun has emerged in Bridgegate. No one has replaced him as the early Republican front-runner in 2016. A big chunk of the Republican establishment remains dead set against Rand Paul. The person most likely to replace Christie as the establishment favorite, Jeb Bush, has receded to the background after a burst of attention this spring. And in his home state, Christie is working on mending fences with fellow Republicans he has feuded with in the past.

Yeah, no smoking gun has emerged in Bridgegate … except that little part about how Christie’s senior aides punished a political foe by causing a traffic jam in his home town and that Christie for months (in the most charitable reading of events) not only failed to recognize what was happening right beneath his nose, but mocked those who pressed for answers until he could no longer pretend that nothing had happened.But Bridgegate aside, the thing that really struck me about the pitch for Christie is that so much of it comes down to pointing out that the GOP’s 2016 field absolutely sucks. The only one they seem afraid of at all is Rand Paul, but when it comes to Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and the rest of the crew, Team Christie is dismissive.

When the traffic scandal broke in January, attention quickly shifted to Bush as the natural alternative to Christie. But after a flurry of headlines, the overt pining for the former Florida governor has died down, mostly because he’s done little to sustain it.“Some days, Jeb’s around and some days, he’s not,” [Home Depot co-founder and Christie supporter Ken] Lagone said of how much he expresses interest.

Christie allies also are aware of the stumbles on immigration reform by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) last year, and they believe Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor who has often been touted as the best candidate to unite warring wings of the Republican Party, will emerge too bruised from his reelection battle this year to be seriously in contention.

Even Republicans who don’t support Christie seem to be admitting the GOP has a pretty bad 2016 field, albeit unintentionally. For example:

Without Bridgegate, he “would have been one of the front-runners in New Hampshire,” said Dave Carney, a Granite State operative who was a longtime adviser to Texas Gov. Rick Perry. “But he’s back to ‘Go,’ where everyone else is.”

I don’t think Carney was trying to say that the rest of the field is bad, but if the only thing Bridgegate does is level the playing field between Christie and the other candidates, what other conclusion can you draw? If there were any other Republicans with front-runner potential who were serious about running, Chris Christie would have been toast in the wake of Bridgegate. Instead, he’s still making a serious run for it. And thanks to the fact that the GOP has so little talent at the presidential ranks, he probably still has a shot……

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8 thoughts on “Christie and the weak 2016 GOP Presidential Sweepstakes Contestants..”

  1. This article seems alittle “weird” to me.

    A “weak field?”OK,well,who else would one like to see entered to make it “stronger?”

    1. It continues the point that Christie IS still. Dry much in it
      Everyday the NJ Attorney does not come back with a judgment call
      Gives Christie another one to try to cement his chances for 2016
      Even if most think he’s toast…

  2. My point is that there is the overt idea that this is a “weak “field.I mean WHO is not in the field?

    I guess the implication is the Republican Party lacks prospective candidates of presidential calibre.

    Yeh I can buy that.

  3. As to Christie.

    He was at 24% at the beginning of this year?Now?10-14%.

    As the article states hes back at the “start” position.He is treading water so to speak .

    I never thought he was going to be the Republican nominee even before all this “bridge” stuff.

    I still dont.

  4. When I look at’s survey of GOP pres. polls, that 24% at Christmas was either a peak or an anomaly for Christie.

    Since his boost just after the hurricane at Christmastime of 2012 (i.e. a year earlier, or 18-20 months before now), he hasn’t registered above 20% in any of the polls other than a couple that ask yes/no specifically about him.

    This year, he’s wobbled between about 10% and 18% (as I hurriedly eyeball it), but basically he’s among half a dozen candidates who get low double digits and lead another half-dozen in a single digit peloton (or rest-of-the-field) by less than the combined margin of error.

    I won’t reproduce any of those numbers here, but see for yourself at

    In other words, if you’re some potential donor or organizer trying to find the most electable Republican candidate who’s compatible with your own views, or the most agreeable GOP candidate who’s still electable, there’s nothing but fog, blur and confusion, as there often is at this pre-midterm point in the election cycle.

    1. Paul and Christie get the most media coverage except for Perry after he did his Border thing….

      Jeb seems to have faded….

      The rest of the field has little or no media coverage hence the low numbers…
      I have NOT branded Christie the leader…
      I have done pieces on him, Romney, Perry, Paul and others….
      Christie, because of his noise it always gonna get media coverage…
      My point here over the last few months is that he’s STILL in the top group even after the all the Bridge-Gate stuff….
      My feeling is that he’s gonna have a tough time in the primaries IF he could survive the US atty coming down with whatever…
      But I SILL say as a blue state governor with a (clipped) attitude he’d run well in a general election against Hillary….

      Now Jeb Bush?
      He’d probabaly run as good or better than Christie in a general..
      But the guy , in my opinion, does NOT have the push….

      Rand Paul would probably be the leader right now by a hair…
      But me and others just do NOT see him being trusted fro the nomination
      And now it might be worst with his changes in direction with minorities and other issues…

      Huckabee has absent in the media but does well in SC polling and important GOP Primary state

      Walker is having a hard time in his re-election bid, but just got some back from his states Supreme’s…
      I see him as to green to be seriously considered as the GOP nominee for President…

      and then there are the Romney people….

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