Breaking….The House will NOT vote on Border Bill….Update…House GOP will try again…

Update….06:46 EST 

House Republicans abruptly delayed their August recess on Thursday to stay in Washington and try to pass legislation responding to the border crisis.

After GOP leaders pulled their $659 million spending bill from the schedule, it appeared the House would leave Washington having failed to approve a measure dealing with the wave of immigrant children crossing the border.

But an outcry from rank-and-file members ended that plan, and GOP leaders are now trying to figure out how to change their legislation to win over the votes necessary to send the bill to the Senate.
“We’ll stay until we vote,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said as he exited a meeting of the House Republican conference Thursday afternoon that dragged on for more than 90 minutes.

 More @ the Hill…..

Note...There is little chance the House and Senate will ACTUALLY approve a Bill…But House leaders have pushed back from Ted Cruz’s insurrectionists (Cruz says it wasn’t him), who wanted NOTHING…..

It is STILL uncertain if the House can get the votes for passage…

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) has done it again….

The Republican Civil War continues….

The House under Speaker John Boehner WAS gonna do a vote on a Border Bill….

That WAS until the SENATOR sat down with his HOUSE Tea Party Conservatives and derailed the House leadership’s vote….

Who’s in Charge here?

On Tuesday, House Republicans finally unveiled their bill to respond to the child migrant crisis. The plan: pass the bill Thursday, then pressure the Senate and White House into accepting it, rather than allowing no bill to pass at all. By the time House Republicans went home for the August congressional recess, they’d either be able to brag about having fixed the crisis — or they’d be able to blame Barack Obama and Harry Reid for blocking their attempts to do so.

Here was the problem with that plan: Ted Cruz, a Republican who’s not even in the House, wanted to ruin it.

Cruz wants any deal on child migrants and the border to include defunding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. DACA allows unauthorized immigrant students and young adults who’ve been in the US since 2007 to apply for temporary relief from deportation and a work permit. It’s also, in the eyes of Republicans, Exhibit A in the case that President Obama refuses to enforce immigration law.

Cruz has blamed DACA for the child migrant crisis (evidence to the contrary), and has introduced his own bill to defund “expansion” of the program. (The bill would prohibit the federal government from using any money to approve new applications.) Now, according to the Washington Post, he whipped House Republicans to vote against their own leadership’s bill, because it wouldn’t include the DACA provision. And on the last day before recess, instead of voting on the bill, House leadership decided to pull it from the floor.

Cruz only needed to win a few defectors — and many conservatives in Congress were probably inclined to vote against the bill anyway.The House equivalent of Cruz’ bill (introduced by Rep. Kay Blackburn) had 31 cosponsors. Cruz only needed to persuade half of them that ending DACA is important enough to risk torpedoing the bill.

Here’s the irony, though: Cruz’ own bill wouldn’t actually do much to derail DACA…..


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