Political Roundup for July 30th, 2014…Red Racing Horses…

 Red Racing Horses

by: Greyhound

Stay tuned later this week for the result of the RRH TN-Senate GOP Primary Poll!Congress:

AK-Sen: Senator Mark Begrich (D), who is high on the Republican’s target list, released a new radio ad touting how he is working together with fellow Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski (R). Murkowski has refused to play along, and has stated that Begrich should run on his own record and that she’ll support the Republican nominee so long as it’s not Miller. Someone should ask her to put that into an ad.

AZ-7: Phoenix Pastor and Democratic congressional candidate Rev. Jarrett Maupin has received an unusual endorsement in his attempt to replace outgoing Congressman Ed Pastor. The Great Alaskan Bush Company of Phoenix, which is a strip club, has given him a public endorsement on the front of their establishment. According to Maupin, the club employees voted to endorse him due to his support for affordable student loans and all-day kindergarten, though he denies every visiting the establishment.

GA-Sen: Michelle Nunn’s (D) internal campaign strategy memo leak just got a lot more interesting. It reveals that as part of a non-profit organization, she helped validate a charity that was tied to a group secretly funding Hamas. There are plenty of fuzzy parts to the story relating to how connected the groups involved were, but expect to see more about it as David Perdue (R) ramps up his general election campaign.

TN-Sen: Joe Carr (R), the Republican challenging incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander in the primary, has been paying his daughters out of his campaign account. Carr claims there’s nothing wrong with this, and points out that he had to build his campaign from the ground up, so hiring family members was natural.



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