Just because Grass is now legal in Colorado doesn’t mean the black market goes way…

Economics ARE always present when you buy something, anything….

In Colorado the new legal marijuana trade has jacked up prices…..

Some people want a cheaper alternative that ain’t taxed…

Camouflaged amid the legal medicinal and recreational marijuana market, the ever-adaptable underground market thrives. Some in law enforcement and on the street say it may be as strong as it’s ever been, so great is the unmet local and visitor demand.

That the black market bustles in the emerging days of legalization is not unexpected. By some reckonings, it will continue as long as residents of other states look to Colorado — and now Washington state — as the nation’s giant cannabis cookie jar. And, they add, as long as its legal retail competition keeps prices high and is taxed by state and local government at rates surpassing 30 percent.

“I don’t know who is buying for recreational use at dispensaries unless it’s white, middle-class people and out-of-towners,” Rudy Reddog Balles, a longtime community activist and mediator. “Everyone I know still has the guy on the street that they hook up with.”

This black market boom, the state argues, is a temporary situation. As more legal recreational dispensaries and growers enter the market, the market will do what it does with greater competition: adjust. Prices will fall. The illegal market will shrink accordingly.

In any case, these first curious months of the legal recreational market have laid bare a socioeconomic fault line. Resentment bubbles in the neighborhoods where marijuana has always been easy to get.

The resentment goes something like: We Latinos and African Americans from the ‘hood were stigmatized for marijuana use, disdained and disproportionately prosecuted in the war on drugs. We grew up in the culture of marijuana, with grandmothers who made oil from the plants and rubbed it on arthritic hands. We sold it as medicine. We sold it for profit and pleasure.

Now pot is legalized and who benefits? Rich people with their money to invest and their clean criminal records and 800 credit scores. And here we are again: on the outskirts of opportunity. A legion of entrepreneurs with big plans and rewired basements chafes with every monthly state tax revenue report…..



With legal marijuana sales will there STILL be cops locking people up for illegal growing and sales?

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12 thoughts on “Just because Grass is now legal in Colorado doesn’t mean the black market goes way…”

    1. Because grass can be legally sold
      U would expect few if any people would arrested for selling it
      But as the piece points out you could actually have state and local cops STILL arresting people for growing and selling their
      EXCESS Grass….
      Seems like kinda ironic….

      THATS My point….

  1. If offenders are heavily fined for selling weed unregulated the cost of doing business outside the law will rise. Thus knocking a lot of black market sellers out of business and causing others to raise their costs due to the risk. Which in turn lowers demand.

    In other words, the market will sort it out.

    1. The View that the Government is gonna lock people up and fine them to protect their market and tax revenue is NOT gonna play well for minorities and some others who are adverse to the high prices the legal stuff is selling for
      Notice WHO the piece describes is paying the premium prices
      I subscribe to you that like the piece points out?
      Pricing is gonna keep the black market in business
      And some politicians are gonna be put on the spot by this
      Like gambling
      Bookies have and will never go away
      Even if the state pimps gambling

  2. Well Yeh thats happens .

    Once again,SO?

    You are aware that even though the selling of alcoholic beverages is legal and regulated in almost all states.,there are THOUSANDS that violate the liquor laws?Ive both prosecuted and defended them at various times.

    The selling of untaxed tobacco products is big in some places.

    As marijuana possession becomes legal in more states ,the same type violations of the sale thereof will accompany the same.I find that not the least bit unusual.

    If there’s a buck to be made?Someone is going to try and make it!

    Common and axiomatic in my view.Thats why I didnt “get” your point.

  3. This whole marijuana legalization stuff seems to unnerve you in some way.

    It’ll get better.Just think ,in about ten years no one will pay much attention probably,although it may present a new plank for the Prohibition Partys platform!

    1. Doesn’t Unnerve me in the least …
      The piece just points out serval things
      The economic differences in who by’s from legal stores
      And who doesn’t
      The fact that people and probably groups will still try to undercut legal sales by price
      The poor people think they are getting screwed
      By the government even for their grass
      …….just reporting there buddy…..

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