Air Force acknowledges it takes to long and too much money to acquire weapons systems….

The Air Force has been in SEVERAL scrapes with Pentagon bosses in trying to buy airplanes, that have ended up costing, too much (F-35), incurred cost overruns (F-35), ended up being rebid (KC-46A)…..

It is about time they admitted that their current way of doing things is wasteful and vast disservice  to the American taxpayer….(Congress isn’t much help)

In an acknowledgment that the military may be pricing itself out of business, the Air Force on Wednesday called for a shift away from big-ticket weapon systems that take decades to develop and a move toward high-technology armaments that can be quickly adapted to meet a range of emerging threats.

An Air Force strategic forecast, looking 20 years into the future and spurred in part by looming budget constraints, also calls for a faster pace, with lower price tags, in developing both airmen and the technology they use, warning that the current way of acquiring warplanes and weapons is too plodding.

The report, described as a “call to action” by Secretary Deborah Lee James of the Air Force, limits itself to how the country’s most tech-heavy military service can adapt to looming threats and budget constraints. But it is also a warning to and an admission from the entire Defense Department that with military compensation and retirement costs rising sharply, the country may soon be unable to afford the military it has without making significant changes to the way it does business.

“To boil this down, we have to buy things very differently and develop and employ our people differently,” said Maj. Gen. David W. Allvin, one of the authors of the report. “We have to behave more like an innovative 21st-century company.”


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One thought on “Air Force acknowledges it takes to long and too much money to acquire weapons systems….”

  1. They’ve been saying this for years.

    They’re nothing but a cog in the military/industrial complex and will do as they’re told by the Congress who are bought and paid for by the M/I.

    This has been going on for over Sixty years.

    But gee its great to see they have issued a “report.”


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