Putin does Not move an inch due to MH17 pressure…

President Obama declared Monday that “the burden is now on Russia” to demand open and unfettered access to the crash site of the downed Malaysia Airlines passenger jet from Eastern Ukrainian militants.

“Given its direct influence over the separatists, Russia and President Putin in particular have a direct responsibility to compel them to cooperate with the investigation,” Obama said.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that no one should use the MH17 plane crash “to pursue their own political goals.”

He made the comment in a brief statement released by the Kremlin. Putin said Russia has called repeatedly on all parties involved in the conflict in Ukraine to stop fighting and initiate negotiations immediately.

Putin said the tragedy could have been avoided if Ukraine hadn’t resumed its military operations targeting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine in late June.


Russian President Putin has the European’s by the economic balls….

They have been hesitant to push on the Ukraine issue ….

As long as they continue to be hesitant ?

Putin will continue to have wiggle room….

And he isn’t gonna ‘man-up’ as Sen. Feinstein has asked him to do….

There is little if any pressure on the Russian President to do so now, nor has their been since this whole Ukraine thing started…Putin does NOT react well to indirect threats…

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2 thoughts on “Putin does Not move an inch due to MH17 pressure…”

  1. Until Europe reacts in a much more forceful manner that it has so far. There isnt much that the United States can do concerning Ukraine.

    Ultimately,this is a European matter.

    1. I agree that Europe has NOT moved force fully on this
      But the downing of this, the third a/c is horrible
      Putin is playing it off though
      My question was and is
      WTF would allow commercial a/c to overfly a war zone?

      The militants say they will let the Dutch claim the remains and black boxes
      Fighting has broken out near the site

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