Netroots Nation Progressives wrap up a weekend in Detroit….

Elizabeth Warren STILL carries the torch for Progressives and Liberals even if they know she won’t come out ahead of Hillary in 2016…..

Yet the piece below allows that if Hillary Clinton simply changes her focus?

She’d gather more support from the left wing of her party which polling reports is MORE likely to support her than in 2008….(they want a left Democrat to run against her in the primaries  to keep her from ignoring her left)

At a high-profile gathering of progressives this week, Hillary Clinton was tolerated, Barack Obama was pitied, and Elizabeth Warren was treated like a hero.
The annual liberal confab known as Netroots Nation brought together around 3,000 activists converged for several days of campaign training, a protest or two, and speeches from Warren, Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats.

Here are six takeaways from the gathering in the Motor City:

Warren will be a factor, even if she’s not on the ticket.
Elizabeth Warren stole the show this week with her tough messages to Wall Street and Republicans. The Massachusetts senator insists she’s not running in 2016, but the conference made clear that progressives will hold midterm and presidential candidates to the populist standard she has set.

A case in point: the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, an activist group that touts itself as being from the “Warren wing of the Democratic Party,” is seeking to organize in New Hampshire and Iowa,”to make sure every presidential candidate is asked whether they agree with Warren on key economic populist issues like expanding Social Security benefits, taking on Wall Street, and eliminating student loan debt,” spokeswoman Laura Friedenbach said.

Activists here nearly all called Warren a “fighter” — a label she embraced in her speech Friday — and signaled they want other Democrats to get aggressive with banks, corporations and lobbyists to tackle income inequality. Warren has charged that the economic system is “rigged” in favor of the rich and powerful.

Candidates hoping to harness this crowd’s enthusiasm will need to embrace that pugnacious stance toward big business, not just talk about creating more opportunities for the middle class. Attendees here see Wall Street as a deeply damaging force in American politics and they want the kind of retribution Warren promises.

There is hope for Hillary Clinton …

Netroots attendees hail from the most liberal corners of the Democratic Party. To them Clinton is simply too conservative on fiscal and foreign policy matters. They see the former New York senator as tight with Wall Street, and she doesn’t strike them as willing to fight for working people the way Warren does.

Yet interviews with several attendees suggest it’s not a lost cause for Clinton. If she distances herself from big business, highlights her support for labor — a point that came up several times here, given the big union representation at the conference — and demonstrates she cares about the struggles of ordinary Americans, she could go a long way with this group. What it really comes down to, activists say, is a shift in what Clinton emphasizes.



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  1. Funny.

    The so called”librul” media seemed to give far less coverage to this meeting than the annual CPAC gathering of Right Wingers.

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