Americans want nothing to do with world problems…Poll

The Politico Poll paints a picture of a purely isolationist view of American’s wants….

It should be music to Rand Paul’s ears….

But will not stop the American President from being engaged on the world problems, but will give him pause in thinking of ‘boots on the ground ‘ anywhere….

Amid deepening violence across Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Americans are recoiling from direct engagement overseas and oppose U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine by large margins, according to a POLITICO poll of 2014 battleground voters.

The survey provides a unique look at the foreign policy attitudes of voters who will decide the most competitive Senate and House races this fall. It shows an intensely skeptical view of American military intervention:

Asked whether the U.S should do more to counter Russian aggression in Ukraine, just 17 percent answered in the affirmative. Thirty-one percent said the current policy is correct and 34 percent said the U.S. should be less involved. The poll was completed before the downing last week of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, the civilian airliner that was apparently attacked over eastern Ukraine.

More than three-quarters of likely voters say they support plans to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2016. Only 23 percent oppose the plan.

Forty-four percent of likely voters favor less involvement in Iraq’s civil war, versus 19 percent who favor more involvement and 23 percent who say the current level of involvement is appropriate.

A 51 percent majority said the situation in Iraq affects U.S. national security “a little” or “not at all.” Forty-two percent said it affects U.S. national security “a lot.”

Likely voters prefer less involvement in Syria’s civil war over more involvement, 42 percent to 15 percent. Twenty-six percent of likely voters support the current, limited level of involvement.

On the issue of foreign policy specifically, voters say they trust Republicans over Democrats by 7 points, 39 percent to 32 percent. Twenty-eight percent said they were unsure which party to trust.

The picture that emerges from the survey is consistent across issues of foreign policy and national security: Americans are profoundly wary of getting entangled overseas and seem to be skeptical of the value of projecting U.S. power on foreign conflicts. Republicans are modestly more hawkish than Democratic and independent voters, but a majority of self-identified GOP voters support pulling out of Afghanistan and maintaining or reducing involvement in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine.

8 thoughts on “Americans want nothing to do with world problems…Poll”

  1. Or sometimes?Just dumb.

    To claim to be all against military intervention and the indicate that you want the party MOST identified with such in control of that area of policy is simply dumb.

    1. They can be THAT also….

      But often people just react to different things that interest them….
      Like lumping ALL foreign policy and blaming Obama
      A good many of the foreign policy messy situations in fact have NOTHING to do with Obama
      But of course GOPer ‘a have tried to pin EVERYTHING ON HIM

  2. Another weird poll.

    So Americans want nothing to do with foreign wars ,basically think Iraq and Afghanistan were mistakes,but “trust” more the party that brought to you these disasters ?

    That makes sense!

  3. Who really CARES what John McCain wants?

    Anytime anything relating to foreign policy is mentioned,someone invariably mentions John McCain.

    Maybe it should be noted that he LOST the presidential election to a Barack Obama who campaigned AGAINST foreign entanglements to a large extent and SPECIFICALLY the Iraq War that McCain wholeheartedly supported.

    Its PAST time that some Democratic politician come our with a full attack on McCain.Hes been WRONG about almost every foreign policy matter hes spoken about.

    He helped stir up the whole Benghazi fiasco demanding”explanations” as to the deaths of a few “brave” Americans .How about an “explanation” from him as to for what purpose over 4000 “brave” Americans died in Iraq.

    He was “demanding” aid for the Syrian “rebels” that included the ISIS group that he now wants to fight in Iraq!

    Hes the most notorious warmonger in the country and a bought and paid for whore for the military /industrial complex and is deserving of nothing so much as a kick in the ass,

    1. Not really ….
      But America will STILL be looked to by the world to lead….
      And John McCain will want Obama to act….

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