Meet the NEW Rick Perry?

The Republican Texas Governor is gonna try to run for President AGAIN…..

On this go round he’s trying to get reinvent himself…..

And he was well rested before speaking….

An animated Rick Perry yanked the microphone from the podium and paced the stage, leaning into his words as told Iowans tonight that he knows how to start getting the country “back on track.”

A guy who in the past didn’t seem like he could run for a governor’s office much less the Oval Office seemed like a different candidate, Iowans said, after Perry talked about “prosperity and hope and freedom,” as well as a favorite topic of his lately, immigration reform.

“We know how to secure the border,” said Perry, the governor of Texas, his voice rising from quiet solemnity to a loud command, “and if the federal government will not do its duty, then I will suggest to you that the state of Texas will.”

That remark brought the audience of about 200 of northwest Iowa Republicans to their feet for an extended standing ovation. And the room was buzzing after the 16-minute speech at the dinner, a fundraiser for nine county Republican parties.

“He seems to have matured or changed a little bit. He seemed to have more fire, a lot more motivation,” Bud Douglas, a 71-year-old loan agent and the chairman of the Humboldt County Republican Party, told The Des Moines Register.

Just two days after Chris Christie got a rock star reaction from Iowans and reporters who swarmed the New Jersey governor on his debut 2016 cycle trip to the presidential testing grounds of Iowa, Perry seemed to be feeling some competitive fire…..


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7 thoughts on “Meet the NEW Rick Perry?”

  1. There is an interesting,well, actually amusing poll by Gallup that just came out testing the favorable/unfavorables of the various candidates.

    For Rick Perry,it showed that his favorable was +5,in contrast to an overwhelming negative rating he had two years ago.The amusing part?In 2012 10% of the respondents said they had never heard of him?Today?27% said they had never heard of him!Apparently,the longer he is around the less impression he makes!

    Or maybe the poll is just JUNK?

  2. In addition to adding the glasses Perry has also given up cowboy boots.

    This image change reminds me of Lamar Alexander trading his gimmicky red plaid shirts for dark suits after his failed 1996 White House run and prior to his failed run in 2000.

    Will it work better for Perry? Color me dubious.

    1. Changing the look
      But underneath?
      The ‘same ole same old’

      He’s talking about calling up 1,000 of his National Guard solider’s for border duty

      1. Sometime later I’ll be posting up a piece that points to the Fed’s dragging their knuckles on the Central America situation for over a year…..

        1. The Central American piece is up…
          Any comments on the laggard response to the problem from here?

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