Hillary Clinton gets the left and others to come along with her as she moves towards 2016

The more the attacks mount on her…

The MORE the left and other Democrats rally to support her…..

She has been a good solider …Doing her time to support her country and the man who beat here in 2008…..

The logic of Clinton’s rapprochement with the Obama crew also explained her rehabilitation across the rest of the party. Clinton’s willingness to join the Cabinet boosted her favorability rating more than 10 points among Democrats between late 2008 and early 2009. And with the party largely united on everything from tax cuts to entitlements to climate change to health care, there was no ideological rift to come between her and any particular faction. “Democrats are less polarized even than we were in 2006–2008, when our involvement in Iraq was front and center,” Clinton’s former presidential campaign strategist, Geoff Garin, told me.

Above all, as the Republican Party became more crazed and abusive, even previously skeptical Democrats saw Clinton differently, a pattern that has recurred throughout her career. “There’s a respect for her as an accomplished senior player who stood up to right-wing attacks,” says Ilya Sheyman, head of the liberal group MoveOn.org Political Action.

Unfortunately for Clinton, the years leading up to 2008 were one of the rare moments when she didn’t benefit from this dynamic. A Republican controlled the White House, making the Clintons less likely to arouse the right’s conspiratorial mania. Worse, because that Republican had been uniquely divisive, many Democrats had reservations about politicians associated with the same shiv-wielding tactics. “They worried that as a standard-bearer she might be polarizing,” says Larry Grisolano, who oversaw the Obama campaign’s polling in 2008.

But in the last few years, with Democrats in power and Clinton emerging as Obama’s chosen successor, the assaults from Republicans—on her age, her health, her central role in a variety of imagined conspiracies—have escalated, prompting a return to ’90s-era solidarity. “The things that have been thrown at her have never been thrown at any other candidate or spouse,” says Bonnie Adkins, another former Obama precinct captain, who took pride in taking down the high-handed Clinton campaign in 2008. “I’m more concerned with her personal mental heath. Not that she has mental health issues. Just how she deals with it. It’s more empathy than concern.” Adkins says she feels a particular connection with Clinton as a woman: “If you haven’t had a baby yet, you haven’t done anything.”

The upshot of all these developments is a preposterous level of support. Since she joined the administration, Clinton’s favorability rating among Democrats has never dropped below 88 percent, according to Gallup. (By comparison, Joe Biden’s favorability numbers have generally hovered in the low-to-mid 70s.) Her hold on the Democratic nomination looks unshakable….


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3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton gets the left and others to come along with her as she moves towards 2016”

  1. If the Left has truly “rallied” to Hillary,then where lay the rationale for this still sought Left wing challenger?

    I mean if his “base” is now with Hillary?

    Where is he going to get his votes?

    I thought the purpose of a Hillary challenger was to make her a better candidate by appealing to those elements of the party not naturally inclined toward her,ie the Left?

    1. Who said from the left Jack?
      Not me….
      Last week she made a small mistake on the money thing
      She’s working to recover
      This is a prime example of my point
      Left , Right or Middle
      Keep her sharp and on her game is my point…

  2. Well,I dont want to be “accused” of “misquoting” you ,but For Months you were saying that the Left was not friendly toward Hillary and certainly Martin OMalley ,the most often mentioned candidate is to the”Left” of her.

    As for the “Right?” They are not really a factor in Democratic nominating process.

    Finally,How would an opponent in the Democratic nominating process have,In any way,affected the comment she made regarding her wealth?Indeed,all the criticism seems to be coming from the Republicans.

    How is this a “prime” example of your”point?”

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