Iraqi Update 6/29/14….Iraq getting Fighter Jets from Russia and Iran maybe….

The media has been helping Iraq PM Maliki make the US the bad guys for NOT hurrying in delivering F-16 ‘s to his country…..Russia HAS delivered some old used SU-25’s to the Iraq Air Force….The Iraqi’s used to flub them more than a decade ago…

The Russian’s have said they will NOT fly any missions….

Iran is rumored to be thinking about returning  F1 Mirages  and other OLD Russian type fighter jets it captured during the Iraq-Iranian War…..

Iraqi forces carried out repeated airstrikes, mostly using helicopters, on insurgent targets throughout the city on Sunday for the fourth day in a row, witnesses said.

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The Iraqi army remained in control of roads leading into Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s birthplace and a longtime stronghold of Sunni hard-liners, about 100 miles north of Baghdad, and also controlled the campus of Salahuddin University in Tikrit and a military base, Camp Speicher, on the outskirts of the city.

The military’s advance, supported by tanks and helicopter gunships, was hampered by a large number of bombs planted along the roads, a common tactic of the insurgents.

According to a security official in Tikrit, speaking on the condition of anonymity as a matter of government policy, ISIS fighters had kidnapped six relatives of Maj. Gen. Jumaa al-Jabouri, deputy commander of Iraqi military operations in Salahuddin Province, holding them hostage and destroying their homes in the eastern part of the city.

What appeared to be a jumbo Russian transport aircraft was shown Saturday night on Iraqiya, the state television network, unloading the SU-25 warplanes at what was believed to be an air base in Taji, a short distance north of Baghdad.

The new aircraft “will increase and support the strength and capability of the Iraqi air forces to eliminate terrorism,” a statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense said.

The Iraqis have asked the United States for help in buying aircraft such as F-16s and advanced helicopter gunships, some of which they do already have, but Congress has been reluctant to approve more such sales until Mr. Maliki forms a government that is more inclusive of Sunni and Kurdish leaders.

There have also been unconfirmed reports that Iran was prepared to return some of the Iraqi warplanes that Saddam Hussein flew to Iran in 1991 to escape American destruction. Those included 24 French F1 Mirage fighters, and 80 Russian jets….


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40 thoughts on “Iraqi Update 6/29/14….Iraq getting Fighter Jets from Russia and Iran maybe….”

  1. Al Maliki better make sure those planes have Shiite pilots!

    Sunni pilots might be tempted to deliver them to ISIS.

  2. Al-Maliki needs to resign. Unification of Iraq would be exceedingly difficult under any situation, but impossible under al- Maliki.

  3. I enjoyed Katrina Vander Huevels total putdown of Well known warmonger Bill Kristol today on ABC.

    Her best line?

    “”What we(the United States) have done to that country(Iraq) is a crime.”

  4. So Jack, should Obama conult George Bush about the way forward in Iraq for the United States?

  5. Obama should EXCLUSIVELY consult Jimmy Carter on the Iraq situation.

    He’s the only living former President who competently handled foreign policy matters without worsening them in the long-term.

    1. If you read the book about the former President’s you’d see the OTHER living President’s have little regard and trust for Carter….

  6. No,nor should he consult Bush about much of anything,except possibly concerning some conversations that may have some relevance to a given issue.

    In my view George W Bush’s Administration was a major disaster for this nation socially,economically and foreign policy wise.

    What is remarkable is that the so called”liberal” media ,week in and week out ,highlight veterans of this failed Administration as having something to “offer” regarding present national policies.

    1. The guy let the Iranian’s help push him out of office….

      I remember he had the economy crash on him also….

      In the end he was an extremely unpopular President…
      He is NEVER mentioned in Great or even Average President I believe….

  7. Although I voted for Carter twice (I turned 18 about 2 months before the election) I don’t think he was an effective president. His appointments were inept – and I’m probably being polite. I liked his energy policy and his fiscal responsibility, but he had no leadership skills.

  8. I remember meeting Jimmy Carter in 1975.I was in the Young Democrats at the time.We received an invitation to a reception for the former Gov. Of Georgia who was contemplating a run for President.It was held at a local hotel.About seven or eight of us went.

    There were about twenty people there.With Carter was a fellow ,who I later recognized as Jody Powell ,after he became Carters Press Secretary We all met him,exchanged pleasantries and left after munching on some snacks and having a beer.

    As we left I think we uniformly agreed that ,while a nice guy he had NO chance of getting anywhere near the Democratic nomination.A year later?We all caucused for Him at the caucuses that year(SC didnt have a primary then).

    While none were enthused about him ,he was a southerner and that was a big deal back then.Besides,the second most popular candidate in SC at the time was George Wallace!

    Anyhow,the rest is history.My view of Carter is that he was an essentially honest,decent guy that had neither the personal ,nor political skills to make a good President.

    As a interesting tidbit from all that.Pat Caddell,Carters pollster,who still “claims” to be a Democrat and sometimes plays that role on FoxNews, lives here locally now and often eats at a local eatery I frequent.While not buddies ,we know each
    other.Every time I see him I tell him to go ahead and make it official and switch.Ala Zell Miller,while spending all his FoxNews time blasting the Demos he still steadfastly maintains he is one.I shake my head and walk away.

  9. One country not concerned with maintaining Iraq as a unified state?


    PM Netanyahu today endorsed Kurdish independence.Such a position ,although not surprising really,runs counter to the still unexplained American position that maintaining Iraq as a unified state is one of our major reasons for being involved there.

    1. I find it difficult to see a unified Iraq in the future….

      The Isreali’s are of course gonna take the position that is best for THEM….

      The US is thousands of miles away….

      And while the Government line is for a unified Iraq?
      One would think ANYTHING that is against ISIS will make American Government people quietly smile..
      Let everyone do the heavy lifting….
      Saves money and political capital…

  10. So, the consensus, Obama shouldn’t consult Carter (why would he since Jimmy would have hardly invaded Iraq) and he shouldn’t consult Bush since the man cannot tell us where Iraq is on a map. And, that’s being polite.

    But, of course, once again, James’ take on Carter and Iran is the neocon position. Carter let Iran push him out of office. Really James? How did he do that? Tell us how Carter let Iran do that?

  11. Once again,Iran stands as THE classic case of the failure of American diplomacy going all the way back to the early Fifties.

    What happened there had little to do with Carter who basically inherited our crazy policy there and simply continued it.He is remembered for it ,by those who have little knowledge of the sordid history of the US there ,because of the hostage crisis.

    I wont rehash all the details but a simplistic statement like that James made is hardly an accurate reflection of what really happened.

    1. Reagan came in office as the hostages where released and as politics IS perception Jimmy Carter IS stuck with it…..
      If things go good for ya you take the Glory…
      If raids don’t ?
      You take the blame….

      Of course the US helped put the Razza family in power and supported them….

      Iranian’s to this day have an infinity for those things American….
      Iran has a LONG history as a Democracy…(Except the mullah’s have veto power)
      There are a LOT of Iranians that have emigrated here….With a LOT of Money
      There is difference between the political Iran and its people…

  12. Israelis used to be very eager to quash Kurdish nationalism, just as they (shamefully disregarding Jewish history) wouldn’t support Armenian genocide claims, for a very elementary reason:

    Two of their closest allies in a hostile Arab world, Turkey and Iran, saw an independent Kurdistan (anywhere) as a mortal threat to their sovereignty and existence.

    (For a very pale analogy, think of how the U.S. reacts to outsiders calling Puerto Rico a colony, or what the British thought of IRA supporters, or what Canadians think of external calls on Quebec to rise up. For a much stronger one, remember how close the U.S. might have come to war with Britain if the U.K. had recognized and aided the Confederacy.)

    Now that neither Turkey nor (certainly) Iran can be counted as an ally, Israel can look on Kurdish independence with some equanimity.

    1. Turkey ain’t happy about the Kurds…..

      Turkey is in NATO….

      And has had problems with the Israeli’s a little while ago…
      Pulled their diplomats….
      So Israel doing this is gonna make no closer to the Turk’s who, if remember my recent history are having enough problem at home politically…

      You see?
      This whole Iraq thing IS GROWING…..

  13. It is hardly a reflection of what really happened Jack, but a symptom of James’ compulsion to comment on almost everything without context. I am beginning to believe he is actually a Republican.

    Speaking of Turkey, I will be there in a week. Looking forward to a beach house on the Black Sea. I will let you know just how difficult the government can be when I get back. Foreigners are not welcome at the moment.

  14. I agree that James foreign policy views are very Republican and almost indistinguishable from the NeoCons.He seems to get upset when I point this out.I dont really know why.Then,when I attemp to discuss his differences with them,he retreats behind a facade of claiming that either he has no opinion or his opinion doesnt matter.

    Certainly an odd formulation from one who has fairly robust opinions on just about everything else!

  15. Thank you both, I intend to. My friend, who I ran the Paris Marathon with this last April, is our guide/host. He was born there to an American mother and Turkish dad. They just built a beach house on the Black Sea and invited us to join them there. Both parents retired from the U.S. Diplomatic Corp and they are fun to talk to – I should get good gossip.

  16. In response to Jack’s 8:53, I have thought for some time that James is something of a Nixon Democrat. Very obsessively foreign-policy oriented above all else.

    He’s no Republican, though. We’re talking someone who claimed Obama is a great President because “He’s not a Republican.” No, he’s essentially akin in his laserbeam policy focuses to the Democrats of the 60s and 70s who supported the war in Vietnam and voted Nixon over McGovern in ’72. The ones who switched over to Republicans over disillusionment with Carter’s pro-peace policies. The ones for whom the term ‘neo con’ is applied.

    Just my opinion.

    1. Nixon Democrat?

      Second Joke of the Night….

      Ha, ha, ha….

      Jack IS the one that is stuck on fighting the American Foreign Policy….
      He is using his banter with me to work out his angst against the fact that America IS involved in the Middle East and other oversea’s places and will continue to do so….

      1. Any mention of American Foreign Policy assure’s me a back and forth with Keith jumping in….

        Natural flow for here…

        Just an observation….

  17. Carter really gets a bad rap.

    As one of the few outsiders in modern memory to hold the office, he stepped on more than a few establishment toes(Tip O’Neill despised him), and since those are the rings that historians and the media kiss, he was liable to take a beating over inflation(Nixon’s mess) and Iran(the culmination of decades-old American foreign policy), both of which he handled as best as he could.

    Sad that he won’t ever get his due, yet Bush 43 will probably be ranked on the lower end of ‘average.’ I would say that, in modern history(1960 to today), Carter is right up there with JFK and Gerald Ford on the list of great Presidents.

  18. I’m with you James. We need a permanent military presence in the Middle East. Once we can get the Iraq economy going and turn the area into a European style 1st world country then we can leave. A strong economy with low unemployment and a prospering middle class will bring the different groups together. The potential is their with their natural resources. I expect this to take a generation if not more.

    Any alternative will result in more 9/11’s and civil wars. Withdrawing the troops was a mistake.

    1. RCAN?

      The US should NOT be looking to remilitarize Iraq….

      I believe that the President has struck a good balance in Iraq….
      Send in advisors to report back on the Iraqi military…
      Put eyes in the sky…
      With Maliki not going willingly just sit back….
      It IS Iraqi’s fight…
      Now with ISIS challenging Al Qaeda who knows?

      Leave 5 to 10k troops in Afghanistan to hang out…No Problem…
      It becomes the next President’s issue on how long they stay…

      But ME?

      No 5K to 10 troops for Iraq….
      They want 1,000 advisors?
      No problem…
      They have made it clear it IS there fight…

  19. The problem with that logic is that most of Iraq doesn’t want to be a European style country, and with American troops there, they will grow to resent us even more than the do now – especially if we align with the corrupt al-Maliki regime. I believe the opposite – staying there increases the odds of more 9-11s.

    The US withdrew our troops mostly because we weren’t willing to give into the Iraqi government demands. We can’t be there to serve the political interests of al-Maliki.

  20. Yes,for the most part,I am Opposed to Americas foreign policy,particularly as it regards foreign military interventions.

    So why would I not comment on your general support thereof?

    I have noticed a proclivity on your part to post comments on such matters,fully expecting a response,to engage in back and forth for awhile,and then ,when the discussion isnt going your way?

    To get defensive and either accuse Keith or I of misquoting or misinterpreting your OBVIOUS pro American foreign policy views or disingenuously deny any opinion in the whole matter.

    Just an observation.

  21. Your comments Zreebs on the presence of American troops arousing resentment among Iraqis is not a recognized problem among those ,like James and RepubliCAN,who support our actions on Iraq.

    WE are AMERICA!

    I mean who really cares what the Iraqis think?After all we are there to “save” them from,well, THEMSELVES!

  22. RepubliCAN still thinks we’ll be greeted as liberators and there will be Starbucks on every corner in Baghdad if we just stay a little longer.

    A lot of people thought that in 2003

    11 yrs later it’s pretty much him and Dick Cheney who still hold on to this ridiculous notion

  23. I am still waiting to hear why James thinks Obama should consult with George W. Bush on our next steps in Iraq.

  24. So James, what about little Georgie, you think it’s a good idea for Obama to talk to him about Iraq right? Why?

  25. So James, it has been almost a whole day and you still haven’t told us why you “would hope the President would consult his predecessor about Iraq” — why do you want him to do that James? You appear to have lots of time to talk to Elmer about his sex life (or the lack thereof), but no time to discuss what appears to be your favorite subject Iraq, and your hope that Obama will talk to the folks who got us into this mess for suggestions on how to get us out. It is also interesting to note that the only folks who appear to agree with you on Iraq are the Republicans on this board.

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