Booker and Warren as Democratic ambassadors ….

The Hill does a piece on Senators Warren and Booker and how they are going around spreading the word for Democrats….

Their work brings good and bad politic’s….

Booker and Warren are both fresh faces, in the Senate for just a few years or less. They can still effectively make the case that Washington can be changed, and Democrats are the ones to do it — a message both ran on, and won on, in their own campaigns.

And they can make that case to key Democratic constituencies. Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu needs black and young voters to turn out for her this fall, and when Booker visited the state to support her campaign, he headlined a young professionals fundraiser for her and held a roundtable discussion about education reform with her in heavily black New Orleans.

In North Carolina, where Sen. Kay Hagan (D) faces a similar predicament, Booker toured a handful of churches, some predominantly black Baptist churches.

Warren will be speaking at Louisville University this weekend, for an event on college affordability, again a pitch to young voters. And the campaigns see her as a good messenger for women, a significant voting bloc in Kentucky, West Virginia and Georgia, where she’s helped Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn as well.

Both Booker and Warren are likely to crop up more and more on the campaign trail this cycle, with Obama’s value as a surrogate declining with his approval rating. But the benefit is, for Booker and Warren, mutual.


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