Can Childers do it for the Dem’s in Mississippi?

Could this bring a sleeper win for Democrats?

A Democrat who seems 100 miles away from his party policies, running in the deep South?

Former Rep. Travis Childers voted against the Affordable Care Act, opposes new restrictions on gun sales, believes marriage is between a man and a woman and describes himself as “disenchanted” in many ways with the national Democratic Party.

And next week, he could suddenly become one of the party’s vitally important Senate candidates for 2014 – and a rare Democratic nominee who clashes sharply with his national backers on multiple important issues.

A former elected clerk from Prentiss County in Mississippi’s conservative northeastern corner, Childers, 56, served a term and a half in the House of Representatives before losing his seat in the 2010 midterm wave. A former realtor, he entered the Senate race earlier this year as longtime GOP Sen. Thad Cochran battled an aggressive primary challenge from conservative state legislator Chris McDaniel.

With the Cochran-McDaniel race headed for a photo finish next week, Childers outlined his general-election campaign message in a phone interview Friday. He all but acknowledged the conventional wisdom on the race: that a Democrat like him might stand a much better chance against a firebrand like McDaniel than a well-liked, 42-year incumbent like Cochran.

“I think there would be a stark contrast between me and state Sen. McDaniel,” Childers said, casting himself as a populist opponent of “far-right extremism” and criticizing Washington for having “forgotten the working people, especially in my state.”


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7 thoughts on “Can Childers do it for the Dem’s in Mississippi?”

  1. There are a couple of interesting, yet unstated, dynamics at play in the Primary battles for each party in this race.

    Firstly, there is a third candidate in this race(a Realtor named Tom Carey). He’s not gotten much attention, but if the race is super tight on Election Day and he siphons off enough votes from one candidate or another, then this race would go to a Runoff. That said, the best odds I could give of that happening are 1 out of 5.

    Second, Childers’ main opponent in his party’s Primary is Tea Party Democrat Bill Marcy(a two-time Republican nominee for Bennie Thompson’s seat). If Conservatives are somehow disillusioned with McDaniel and still want a Conservative alternative to Cochran, then they might vote in the Democratic Primary for Marcy, who has promised to caucus with Republicans if elected. That said, the chances of this happening are slimmer than slim.

    On a final note, Republican Hancock County Port Commissioner and former 10 term Democratic Congressman Gene Taylor has a better than even chance of picking off 2 term Congressman Steven Palazzo in the MS-4 Primary.

  2. The piece admits Childs IS a long shot…..

    He’s got like 51 K…..

    That’s nothing even in Miss for a good primary race…..


  3. Democrats in the South at this time are natural underdogs….

    But there are always surprises come election day….

    Democrats need a few….

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