A Hillary Clinton Presidency will be to the Right of Obama’s in Foreign Affairs….

The  Wall Street Journal is out with a piece today that points out there differences in views of Foreign Policy between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her boss, President Obama….

For those who haven’t figured it out….

Hillary is the one on the right…..

During her time at State the piece points out and everyone who keeps tabs on this stuff should know her position on a wide amount of things where not as optimistic  as Obama….

It is pointed out that Hillary got it right on reading Russian President’s swing to less engagement with the West…While her new book, ‘Hard Choices’ will list some of her accomplishments ….

The takeaway from the piece is that as President?

Hillary Clinton will not look at the world in the same eyes as Barack Obama….

In her final weeks as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton wrote a private memo to President Barack Obama warning that relations with Russia had hit a low point and the heralded “reset” in relations was over, according to people who saw the document.

Inside the White House, some officials were loath to ditch a cornerstone of Mr. Obama’s Russia policy. Months passed before Russian President Vladimir Putin gave sanctuary to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, prompting Mr. Obama to cancel a planned summit in Moscow, a stark sign the reset was off track, if not dead.

Mrs. Clinton, if she runs for president, likely will lean heavily on her experience as the nation’s top diplomat. Her memo, written in January 2013, illustrates two striking features of her four years in the post: She was often more hawkish than the White House she served, and at some key moments was ineffectual at swinging policy her way.

Mr. Obama and his White House advisers were the ultimate architects of foreign policy and kept tight hold over major decisions. Mrs. Clinton, though she held strong views, didn’t push them hard in internal meetings, some of her former colleagues say.

Mrs. Clinton will have a chance to tell her own story about her State Department record in her new memoir, “Hard Choices,” scheduled for release on June 10. Her book tour could amount to a kind of trial run for her expected presidential bid, focusing on what she considered her mission of improving America’s image overseas…..



One would expect that her views will play better to American Right than progressives in this are which will be interesting….


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