Jay Carney the White House Press Secretary is leaving the Admin……

As the Obama second term begins to wind down people begin to move on…..

Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, is leaving his post as the public face of the administration, stepping down after shifting from two decades of reporting to politics at the highest levels, President Obama said on Friday.

Mr. Obama, who announced Mr. Carney’s departure, said Mr. Carney would be replaced by the deputy press secretary, Josh Earnest.

Mr. Obama called Mr. Earnest a person of “sound judgment and great temperament.”

Mr. Carney, who fielded questions from the press moments after Mr. Obama left the podium, said the timing of his departure was uncertain.

“I haven’t made any decisions yet,” Mr. Carney said. “I’m excited by some of the possibilities. I’m sure you guys will be among the first to know after I’ve decided what to do.”

“It’s been an amazing experience. Just so fulfilling,” Mr. Carney said…..



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6 thoughts on “Jay Carney the White House Press Secretary is leaving the Admin……”

  1. He’d have been a better Press Secretary for Clinton than for Obama.

    If one of the network anchors gets the gig, I would be inclined to say ABC’s Robin Roberts. She’d provide a striking paralell to Bush pick Tony Snow, also a reputable journalist(‘Fox News Sunday’) and, for sadly only a couple of years, a cancer survivor.

    1. Network anchor’s make a MILLION plus….

      They are NOT gonna take a job that pays 20% of their current salary….

      1. Josh IS the new guy….

        You’re gonna see a few more people leave now they know the gigs up in two years….

        From what I understand after you get past the fact that you’re working in the White House for the President it’s a tough job….

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