…from here on out for Obama it’s politics first…..

President Obama accepted Eric Shinseki’s resignation today for the intake mess at the VA….

Shinseki wasn’t a political guy although my friends point out all cabinet members certainly meet the definition….

This marks the second time the guy goes out in flames, the first being his loss of his job as Army Chief of Staff in the Bill Clinton years…

The military insiders for the last few days thought that Shinseki would NOT quit….

They and this dog where wrong….

We all forgot the political side….

Shinseki made an early morning speech today , in it he admitted his short comings, and pledged to do better with intake problems for vets and would reshuffle staff…

It was too little to late for the President….

Obama really does NOT fire people…

Especially when backed into a corner….


Midterms are coming up in 6 months….

The President needs the Senate to stay in the hands of Harry Reid….

Once the struggling Senator’s left the VA Chief standing at the front door with no support he was  a goner….

Barack Obama has about 2 1/2 years in office….

He’s at the mid 40’s in the polls….

His party will have a good 2016 election season most probably….

But they could take a big hit this November…

So Obama, who at times is deaf to political manuevrring, HAS to deal with it….

Now after the the midterms it will get worst….

If Hillary runs as we think she will?

Almost ALL major moves by Obama will become critical to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and as such  Obama will have to move with one eye helping her for HER election….

The atmosphere will become almost completely politically charged…..

Politics folks…..

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5 thoughts on “…from here on out for Obama it’s politics first…..”

  1. “His party will have a good 2016 election season most probably.”

    There is simply no basis at this point to make such a sweeping declaration as that.

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