Like Pac-Man…Putin eats up large sections of the East Ukraine…

And he has managed to do it with the THREAT of troops and the actions of special forces Psych Ops….

The Ukrainian’s have acknowledged they have ability or will to fight back….

For the Russian Military this campaign is Actually on the light, eh?

Obama is fighting his own war….

Increasing the economic pain for Russia that Russian President Putin seems to accept as the price for what he wants….(Americans and for a good part European’s?….Really do NOT care about this…)

Modern Warfare……

As pro-Russian gunmen seized another city in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday, the country’s acting president said the government’s police and security officials were “helpless” to control events in large swaths of the region, where at least a dozen cities are now in the hands of separatists.

With the admission by the country’s acting leader, Oleksandr V. Turchynov, that major chunks of the country had slipped from the government’s grasp, the long-simmering conflict in Ukraine seemed to enter a new and more dangerous phase. It was also the latest in a string of successes for what the West has called Russia’s covert strategy to destabilize Ukraine and discredit the interim government ahead of presidential elections scheduled for May.

Speaking at a conference of regional leaders in Kiev, the capital, Mr. Turchynov said the “overwhelming majority of security forces in the east are not able to carry out their duty to defend our citizens” in the industrial and coal-mining regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Mr. Turchynov also said Ukrainian forces had been brought to “full military readiness” because of the threat of an invasion from Russia, which has asserted its right to protect ethnic Russians and the Russian-speaking population in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces have been trying for weeks to rein in the pro-Russian militants, mostly local men who the White House believes have been organized and equipped by Russian special forces members operating under cover…..


The Ukrainian Military seems unable to defend it’s country, for fear of a Russia invasion…..

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8 thoughts on “Like Pac-Man…Putin eats up large sections of the East Ukraine…”

  1. I dont understand your last statement.

    The Ukrainian military fears a Russian invasion so they dont want to defend their “country?”Thats rather weird.Another plus for Putins argument that Ukraine is not REALLY a country,but,rather, just a part of Russia.

    I agree that no one is much interested in this or,to your chagrin ,any of these foreign adventures.A new WSJ/NBC Poll show that over 50% of Americans want the United States to take LESS of a role in these foreign matters.such is already working its way into the political scene and such is ,to a large extent,helping fuel the presidential candidacy of Rand Paul.I dont think he will be the GOP presidential candidate ,but,if one had suggested even four or five years ago that such a candidate would be considered a major GOP hopeful,he would have been laughed out of the room.

    All this comes late but better than never I guess.In my view the MAJOR problem our country faces is bloated defense spending and useless foreign adventures which is the MAJOR factor in most of our financial problems.Think how much better off we would be economically today without the BILLIONS spent in Iraq and Afghanistan .

    In my view,NEITHER of the eventual major party presidential candidates are going to be taking “hawkish” positions on foreign matters,nor advocating increasing defense spending.That will be a good thing.Its PAST time we end this silly “American Exceptionalism” and concentrate on OUR many problems.

    1. Ok…..
      You DO understand my view
      The Ukrainian’s ARE worried so much about the Russian 40,000
      Troops camping out their borders that they are ‘t fighting
      The daily occupation of government offices across the Eastern Ukraine….

      It is well known here that you applaud the cut back in projecting of American MILITARY power….(it ‘s STILL going on )

      The situation in the Ukraine IS a bit complicated
      As people here have mention
      Family THEY know from or in the area aren’t happy with their government in Kiev, who babe been crocked, and broke
      But they’ll stay with it

      But Putin wants the place, or at least part of it
      And he ‘a working it
      The question could be what next
      Where ?
      How far ?

      On the future President?
      Hillary is NOT gonna be afraid of projecting America power abroad……

  2. Hillary Clinton is a very good politician.She will do the politically advantageous thing.We all know you dont believe in and are fundamentally opposed to change but,as the pollster commented,there is a sea change going on here.

    Politicians go with the flow so to speak.Most Americans are increasingly opposed to these military adventures.So,unfortunately for you and your fellow Neo Cons,there will be no more Iraqs and Afghanistans anytime soon by Hillary Clinton or anyone else.

    As for Ukraine,yes I presume they are “worried” ;however,if their military is “unable” to defend the country as you state,then I presume they are at Putins mercy.I mean ,if you are implying they are waiting for someone to come to their aid militarily?Good luck with that.

    1. The coming to their aid thing seems remote
      A political accommodation seems likely
      And with THAT Putin would get something that he wanted …

      I remind you that the US military efforts ARE on going in Africa and Asia
      A full scale withdrawal from the world is just not in the carrds…

  3. I’m not saying that and you know I’m not.We have been through this before.Of course,SMALL SCALE actions may occur but the days of tens of thousands of American troops being sent in for foreign military interventions absent a DIRECT and very PROVABLE threat to the actual security of the United States are over for the foreseeable future(in other words no more Iraqs,Afghanistans and certainly not in Ukraine).

    If it excites you that there are a few hundred personnel playing war games in Poland and Latviaor fifty or sixty guys “advising” some unknown country in Africa’s “militia?Knock yourself out!

    In my view the following military actions over the past fifty years by the United Staates have been TOTALLY unjustified,have cost our country economically and morally,and should bpnever have occured:
    Afghanistan(there was justification for running Bin Laden out of the country and arming the opposition to the Taliban for the purpose of keeping them off balance but there should NEVER have been the commitment of thousands of troops there.They have accomplished nothing other than enriching a bunch of drug smuggling criminals)

    1. I would tend to agree that a LARGE SCALE action will have to be supported….

      But we know that something like that can happen in a flash…

      It doesn’t excite me at all…

      I do NOT wish for young Americans to be sent into harms way for No Reason…
      You Know that also….

      As for the past actions?
      The Are in the past…

      Long term?
      Only history will tell….

  4. Jack, would you include Somalia and Panama (and for that matter Guatemala 1954 and the Dominican Republic 1965) in your list of unjustified U.S. military actions?

    ¶ As for the distinction, or lack of one, between Russia and the Ukraine, think of Great Britain and Ireland, who even (since about 1800 if not earlier) speak exactly the same language.

    Irish forces (Catholic and Protestant) fought for the Crown, and in 1916 their families were generally hostile to the Easter Rebellion in the middle of a war, helped by a German Empire that was killing their sons in France and Belgium. But that doesn’t mean that other Irish (or sometimes the same Irish) didn’t fight for independence or that they considered their nation identical to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    Nor do I think that Ukrainians who may be proud of Ukrainian service in the Imperial and Soviet (Red) Armies necessarily spurn an independent Ukraine or consider it part of the U.S.S.R. (after being one of the four original founding republics of that Union in 1922).

    The Ukrainian famine, engineered by or connived at by Stalin’s Russia, is about a century closer to our times than the Irish famine, for which Irish nationalists often blame the laissez-faire English governments of the day.

  5. If you noticed it ,I tried to confine my comment to the last fifty years,but,yes, I agree on Guatemala and the Dominican Republic which was in 65 I believe.

    I shouldn’t have left out Somalia which was tragic and comical all at once.

    As for Panama I am somewhat ambivalent .I believe there was some justification there ,as Noriega was apparently engaging in support of criminal activities here in the United States.That was of rather short duration ,however ,and never got the chance to morph into a many years long commitment as some of our more recent ones.

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