At the UN 100 countries vote against Russia’s Crimea garb…11 to support and 58 passes….

The UN vote is non-binding….

And Russian President isn’t gonna give true Crimea back…..

A Meeting between American Secretary of State Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov made no headway of even having Russian move it’s ten’s of thousands of troops from the Ukrainian border …

The United Nations General Assembly voted to condemn Russia’s violation of Ukrainian territorial integrity this week in the first vote by the body since Moscow’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula. The non-binding resolution passed with 100 countries in favor, 58 abstentions, and a smattering of delegations not present. Fewer than a dozen countries voted against it, including Russia. As the first test of global opinion since the Ukrainian crisis began, what can we discern from the tally about post-Crimea realignments in world power?

The vote gave Western countries a chance to demonstrate the unity they have sometimes lacked as the Crimean crisis has unfolded. Every European Union member state and most of its candidates for membership voted for the resolution, as did the entire memberships of NATO, the G-7, and the OECD, except for Israel.

Only 11 countries voted against the resolution: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, North Korea, Nicaragua, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. A veritable rogues’ gallery of U.S. foreign policy, the “No” bloc is scattered across the globe; only Belarus and North Korea share a border with Russia.

Among the Nos, all but Armenia are longtime U.S. opponents and authoritarian or authoritarian-leaning states. Belarus, the last dictatorship in Europe, unsurprisingly backed Russia, with which it shares deep economic and political ties…..


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The 2014 Mens College Basket Ball Final Four Teams….

Michigan vs. Kentucky: Score, Twitter Reaction and More from March Madness 2014

In the round of 32, Kentucky fought Wichita State in what many believed was the best game of the year. In the Sweet 16, the Wildcats’ win over in-state rival Louisville topped that.

Against Michigan for a spot in the Final Four, the young ‘Cats did it again.

Aaron Harrison hit four three-pointers in the final eight minutes and change, including the game-winner with under three seconds remaining to propel Kentucky to a thrilling 75-72 win in the last Elite Eight game of the weekend…..


Final Four – AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

During the Final Four round, regardless of the seeds of the participating teams, the champion of the top overall top seed’s region plays against the champion of the fourth-ranked top seed’s region, and the champion of the second overall top seed’s region plays against the champion of the third-ranked top seed’s region. Florida (placed in the South Regional) was selected as the top overall seed, and Virginia (in the East Regional) was named as the fourth and final #1 seed. Thus, the South champion will play the East Champion in one semifinal game, and the West Champion will face the Midwest Champion in the other semifinal game.

National Semifinals
April 5
National Championship Game
April 7
S1 Florida
E7 Connecticut
W2 Wisconsin
MW8 Kentucky


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A Look at the second Captain American Marvel Movie….Thumbs Up!

This review form the NY Daily News JOE NEUMAIER …..

For a man out of time, Captain America’s finger is on the pulse.

The defrosted Marvel hero, last seen in “The Avengers,” is in the right place in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” His 2011 debut was set in World War II, while this rousing, terrific film is a product of our era, full of dangerous drones and stolen digital intel.

A great international thriller, it engages the world at large yet stays focused as a sharp cast led by Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie and Robert Redford support the star-spangled main man.

At heart, “Cap” — Capt. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) — is still the ordinary patriot he was before a 1940s experiment gave him a body to match his spirit. Frozen in a plane crash fighting a Nazi offshoot called Hydra, he strides through the 21st century jotting down the questions he encounters (like, “Star Wars”/“Trek?”).

This Greatest Generation guy, though, can’t square his new mission from S.H.I.E.L.D. boss Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Steal info the U.S. security director (Redford) needs to stop evildoers before they do evil. Truth, however, becomes collateral damage.

	"Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Captain America / Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) Ph: Zade Rosenthal � 2014 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.
***PLEASE CONSULT WITH ETHAN SACKS BEFORE USING. WE CAN ONLY USE ONE FOR COVER.***Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/ The Falcon  in a promo image for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Chris Evans (left) faces a strong match in ‘Winter Soldier,’ but Anthony Mackie plays a powerful ally…..


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Kasich plays up to Adelson in Vegas Republican Jewish get together….

We’ve mentioned this before….

Sheldon Adelson single handily gave $93 Million or so to GOPer’s in the 2012 Presidential election cycle….

They lost…

This time , the report is he’s looking for a winner …..

John Kasich, the current Ohio, Republican Governor made sure he played up to the rich guy in Saturdays Republican Jewish Coalition meeting in Vegas….

Kasich didn’t much media attention, neither did Jeb Bush….

But as he has in the past….

Chris Christie DID…..

Kasich sat next to Adelson at lunch, and mentioned him repeatedly – and sometimes in a non-sequiturial fashion – in his speech, occasionally making it seem as if he were talking to an audience of one, while the hundreds of other RJC donors looked on.

“Sheldon and I were kind of talking about his background. I come from a little town outside of Pittsburgh called McKees Rocks – it was very blue collar,” Kasich said, as he launched into his biography. When he discussed the prescription of pain killers, he said Adelson – who once testified that he took as many as 25 medications in a day to manage pain from a neurological condition in 2001 – “is someone who knows about this.”

While Kasich’s speech didn’t touch on foreign policy – the primary political focus of Adelson and many RJC donors – he delved deeply into the subject in a question-and-answer session that followed the speech. Pointing out that he served for years on the Armed Services Committee in the House, Kasich said the United States should maintain a military presence in Afghanistan and that both Russia and Iran should face more sanctions. His assertion that the U.S. should not pressure Israel into a peace process was the biggest applause line of his speech.

He concluded his speech by saying, “Hey, listen, Sheldon, thanks for inviting me, and I want to thank all of you for giving me a chance to come here and speak. I don’t travel to these things much, but this is one that I thought was really, really important. And God bless you for what you do.”



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Democrats need to embrace the Healthcare Law and stop being afraid of fixing it…

attribution: Screenshot from Keiser Poll

Everyday Americans get up in the morning and go to work. They provide their services to companies and corporations. In return they expect a living wage. They expect that their work entitles them to financial security and healthcare security. For thirty plus years both have been eroding.When President Obama ran for president in 2008 he understood that the root of every American’s economic security laid with ensuring every American would have access to affordable health care. He knew a single-payer health care system was the most effective system. However he was pragmatic enough to settle for RomneyCare on Viagra to begin the codification of health care as a right.

The reason health care reform has always eluded presidents of the past is because of ideological rigidity. President Obama minimized his ideological rigidity to the consternation of his left flank to get an imperfect law that will ultimately get improved. A few months ago I wrote a piece that placed this into context:

The genius in achieving the passage of Obamacare is immediately evident after reading the transcribed talk titled “A Brief History: Universal Health Care Efforts in the US” given by Karen S. Palmer MPH, MS in San Francisco at the Spring, 1999 Physicians For A National Health Program (PNHP) meeting. The talk revealed the headwinds that have blown over every President attempting to pass some form of universal healthcare. Doctor associations, insurance industry, unions, and other groups have always created opposition in some combination that guaranteed failure. She described the reason for failure as follows.Political naiveté on the part of the reformers in failing to deal with the interest group opposition, ideology, historical experience, and the overall political context all played a key role in shaping how these groups identified and expressed their interests.

In effect, the very compromises President Obama has been knocked for are the compromises that allowed the passage of the Affordable Care Act. It was a running start that will need modification. The president is cognizant of this fact and he stated that much in the State Of The Union Speech on January 25th, 2011…..

Continue Reading

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Red State fundraising for Ken Buck in Colorado

If You Really Support GOP Unity, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

By: Erick Erickson (Diary)  @ Red State….

Ken Buck was RedState’s choice for Senator in Colorado. The Colorado GOP was having trouble unifying. Ken had high name ID. He was close to the incumbent Democrat in the polls. But the party was still divided.

So Ken decided to switch places with Cory Gardner. Gardner, a Congressman running for re-election, stepped up to the Senate race and now Ken has stepped into the congressional race. Gardner is endorsing Ken. RedState still supports Ken Buck, just now for Congressman.

And everybody in the GOP was happy. The system worked. The Republicans rallied. And everyone went on their way.

But Ken still needs our help. The district is Republican. The district is conservative. So now we need to help Ken Buck get elected. He still has a primary. He is the front runner. But switching from the Senate race to the congressional race shook up his campaign.

Will you contribute to Ken? He did the right thing for the GOP. Now let’s do the right thing for him. Give what you can as soon as you can…..

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If ya can’t beat them…Don’t let’m vote…..

With Democrats far ahead in urban area’s where poor, young and new immigrant vote…

The Republican State legislatures seem to increasing working to make it harder for those Democratic leaning voters to cast their ballots come election day….

Pivotal swing states under Republican control are embracing significant new electoral restrictions on registering and voting that go beyond the voter identification requirements that have caused fierce partisan brawls.

The bills, laws and administrative rules — some of them tried before — shake up fundamental components of state election systems, including the days and times polls are open and the locations where people vote.

Republicans in Ohio and Wisconsin this winter pushed through measures limiting the time polls are open, in particular cutting into weekend voting favored by low-income voters and blacks, who sometimes caravan from churches to polls on the Sunday before election.

Democrats in North Carolina are scrambling to fight back against the nation’s most restrictive voting laws, passed by Republicans there last year. The measures, taken together, sharply reduce the number of early voting days and establish rules that make it more difficult for people to register to vote, cast provisional ballots or, in a few cases, vote absentee.

Shadrick Brown of Cincinnati signing a petition for a Voters Bill of Rights.CreditTy William Wright for The New York Times

In all, nine states have passed measures making it harder to vote since the beginning of 2013. Most have to do with voter ID laws. Other states are considering mandating proof of citizenship, like a birth certificate or a passport, after a federal court judge recently upheld such laws passed in Arizona and Kansas. Because many poor people do not have either and because documents can take time and money to obtain, Democrats say the ruling makes it far more difficult for people to register…..


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The GOP 2016 Sweepstakes Weekend in Vegas…Update…Bush, Christie and Walker…

video image….NY Times

None of these guys are Jewish…..

But they made an appearance before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas yesterday…..

Scott Walker boasted he’s the Commander-in-Chief of the Wisconsin national Guard among others things…..

Jeb Bush talked about ‘American passivity ‘…..

And Chris Christie managed to put his foot in his mouth by calling Palestinians area the “occupied territories”…….(THAT was a BIG ‘No-No’)

And so we begin the fundraising and support dance for Republicans for 2016…..

Of course the main guy was Sheldon Adelson , who had pumped almost $100 million into the GOP in 2012 only to see the party lose to Democrat President Obama anyways…..

In the span of a few years, Mr. Adelson has become one of the Republican Party’s most coveted and fearsome moneymen, lavishing giant donations on his favored candidates through a network of “super PACs” that sprouted in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010.

Mr. Adelson and his wife, Miriam, gave $93 million to super PACs during the last presidential campaign, making them the election’s biggest donors.

Foreign policy is always a tricky topic for American governors with little international experience. At times, those gathered here strained to establish their global bona fides. Mr. Walker boasted that he is “commander in chief of the Wisconsin National Guard.” Mr. Kasich recalled his years as a member of the House Armed Services Committee. Mr. Christie highlighted his reputation for candor, suggesting it would translate well onto the international stage.

“In N.J., nobody has to wonder whether I am for them or against them,” he said.

None of the elected officials who spoke here over the weekend are Jewish. But that did not stop them from attempting, sometimes awkwardly, to pay homage to the faith.

Mr. Christie warmly recalled a trip he took with his family to Israel, calling it an extraordinary personal experience. But he touched off disapproving whispers from the crowd when he described flying over the “occupied territories” where Palestinians live.

A prominent Jewish leader, Morton A. Klein, said he tried to correct Mr. Christie as he left the stage, urging him to use different language, like “disputed territory.” Mr. Christie “scowled,” he said, and did not say whether he would do so in the future. “I was shocked,” said Mr. Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America.

A few hours later, during a one-on-one meeting with Mr. Adelson, Mr. Christie apologized for using the phrase, according to a person told of the exchange…..



The main media story out of this was Christie…..

NOT Bush , who probably did the best with the audience…..

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Democrats get the young voters….

Democrats continue dominant position among younger voters

by Hunter @ Daily Kos….

A delegate from Texas waits for the start of the session during the second day of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida August 28, 2012. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Not pictured: Americans under thirty.

This is worse news for the Republican Party than any other bad news they could be grumbling about, and it’s not going to get any better while the party obsesses over racial and social-issue questions that the rest of the non-Fox-News country has long since made up their minds about:

Young adults — those between the ages of 18 and 29 — have typically aligned themselves with the Democratic Party, but they have become substantially more likely to do so since 2006.From 1993 to 2003, 47% of 18- to 29-year-olds, on average, identified as Democrats or said they were independents but leaned to the Democratic Party, while 42% were Republicans or Republican leaners. That time span included two years in which young adults tilted Republican, 1994 and 1995, when Republicans won control of Congress. Since 2006, the average gap in favor of the Democratic Party among young adults has been 18 percentage points, 54% to 36%.

That’s a huge gap, and one of the reasons so many Republican “voter ID” efforts have made a special point over making it difficult for college students to vote; if you can’t convince them with your policies, close the door in their faces and pray it all works out. (And younger adults are less likely to vote than their older counterparts in the first place, which continues to make Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts frustrating.)

Young whites first shifted to a pro-Democratic position in 2006, perhaps because of frustration with George W. Bush and his policies.

Hey look, somebody does remember the crapfest that was the George W. Bush presidency. Maybe a few of them will become pundits, heaven knows they’ve got longer memories than the current crop.

So bad news, Republicans: Young Americans continue to largely despise you. This is a problem that even a foam-headed Uncle Sam wagging his finger at the notion that young people need health insurance may not be able to fix. Maybe two foam-headed Uncle Sams, then?


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Republican insiders look to Jeb Bush….

Back months ago, we thought that Republican NJ Governor Chris Christie was the front runner in the 2016 GOP Presidential Sweepstakes….At least the polling was telling us that…

Then Bridge-Gate came up….

And Christie has then after taken some heavy hits in the media as the scandal keeps in the media until the US Attorney for New Jersey comes out with his decision…..

Rand Paul has been making noise for a while, but establishment types and some Conservatives are never gonna be happy with his libertarian policy views….

Ted Cruz plays almost exclusively to the Conservative Red Meal types…Not the insiders who he rants against….

Marco Rubio has politically locked himself out of 2016 with his Immigration starts and stops…

Then there are a group of people who simply NOT gonna be the 2016 GOP nominee….Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and few others…..

So with this in mind….

GOP establishment types and insiders are increasing turning to Jeb Bush to run in 2016….

“The ‘Bush fatigue’ question is always there,” said former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour (R). “If his name was Jeb Brown instead of Jeb Bush, he’d be the front-runner.”

Bush has not spoken much about foreign affairs, but at Thursday’s speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition, he articulated a muscular if generic conservative foreign policy, participants said.

Bush is in regular touch with foreign policy thinkers such as former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, who said in an interview that he would be “delighted” if Bush ran — although Kissinger said he also likes Christie.

“He would be outstanding,” Kissinger said of Bush. “He is someone who is experienced, moderate and thoughtful.”

Romney invited Bush to attend his upcoming June donor policy conclave in Park City, Utah. Bush declined because of a scheduling conflict, according to an aide. Christie and Paul were at Romney’s summit last year.

Although Christie intended to try to round up early support from Romney’s donor base, most of those bundlers have deeper roots with Bush. Former ambassador Mel Sembler, one of Romney’s national finance co-chairmen, has known Bush for decades. “He is a quality candidate, an excellent leader,” Sembler said.

Strategists for other prospective candidates said they are growing nervous about Bush and fear that he could lock up the donor class. “He would take some of the oxygen out of the air,” said David Carney, an ally of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R).

A Bush candidacy also would pose a threat to Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), whose donor and political circles overlap with those of the former governor. Bush blessed Rubio’s rise to the state House speakership, but their affiliation has since faded. Florida Republicans familiar with Rubio’s thinking said he is moving forward with a campaign, betting that Bush will not run.

Former New Jersey governor Thomas H. Kean, who mentored a young Christie, acknowledged that Bush could block Christie’s path as the establishment favorite…..



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Bridget Kelly will talk if given immunity….

After remaining silent since the beginning of the Bridge-Gate Scandal began….

Former New Jersey Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly’s lawyer has announced that his client WILL take to investigators if given a pass on prosecution …

The recent Christie Bridge-Gate report HAS to have his former staff member a bit pissed off…..

The lawyer for Bridget Anne Kelly, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, issued a fierce defense of Kelly in a report on the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal.

In a statement obtained by the Newark-based Star-Ledger newspaper, Kelly’s attorney Michael Critchley condemned the Christie-commissioned report released on Thursday, saying “the report’s venomous, gratuitous, and inappropriate sexist remarks concerning Ms. Kelly have no place in what is alleged to be a professional and independent report.”

He also hinted that, given the right circumstances, Kelly would cooperate with the investigation. “Ms. Kelly is not a liar,” he said in the statement. “If Ms. Kelly were provided with the appropriate procedural safeguards,” he went on, she would be “fully cooperative” with the probe.

The report cleared the Republican governor of wrongdoing in the Bridgegate scandal that closed Fort Lee, N.J.’s, access roads to the George Washington Bridge from Sept. 9 to Sept. 12. The report blamed the closure on Kelly and former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Official David Wildstein. The report also mentioned that Kelly was involved in a relationship with former Christie campaign manager Bill Stepien.

Christie fired Kelly from her job in January after emails came to light connecting her to the closures….



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NY Rep Peter King wants Mike Rogers spot on the House Intel Committee…

The Long Island, New York Republican House member has expressed an interest in leading the House Intelligence Committee….

One would assume that if he was to get the seat he’d have to give up running for a President a race he has NO chance of getting the nomination for…

King has been dissing a LOT of his fellow House Republicans….Could that spoil his chances?

Rep. Pete King, a Long Island Republican, plunged into the contest to lead the House Intelligence Committee Friday after the panel’s current chairman announced his retirement.

“I certainly think I could do the job,” King told the Daily News, citing his previous work as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee for four years.

He presently is chairman of the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will pick a new chairman in January, assuming Republicans retain control of the House.

The scramble to lead the influential committee began immediately after Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), a former FBI agent, said he would leave Congress at the end of the year to become a nationally syndicated radio host.



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The Media and Healthcare….

BOTH parties are harping on the media coverage of the Affordable Healthcare Law…

“You folks all want to ask about ObamaCare but the American people, most of them, are not directly affected by ObamaCare. They want to hear what we’re going to do for them,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said this week at as press conference touting his conference’s legislative priorities.

A day later, Republican National Committee communications director Sean Spicer turned his fire on the media, which he said was ignoring stories about Democratic state lawmakers recently charged with corruption.

If it was Republicans caught in corruption, Spicer said his phone would be ringing off the hook.

“Believe me, if all of these officials were Republican the RNC would be asked to comment on each one and whether the party would be able to recover – how this would affect 2016, the impact it would have on fundraising, etc, etc,” he said before providing the number to the Democratic National Committee’s office.

Prodding the press is nothing new.

Politicians and press secretaries routinely and often push back on journalists to try to influence future reporting, in the same way athletes “work the refs” to get a desired call.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gave a master’s course in the practice of badgering the press during a long news conference on Friday in which he repeatedly confronted reporters on an individual basis.

But it’s a little unusual to see both sides start the game this early in the election year.


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Bill Maher to run for Congress?


Maher recently announced his “Flip a District” contest where he will pick one “terrible, entrenched” member of Congress and “see if we can’t send him scuttling under the refrigerator on Election Night.” (Translation: Beat him)  The contest is now heating up after Maher announced on his HBO show last Friday the first two House members under consideration to be chosen as the big “winner.”

To me, this contest is part of Maher’s evolution from simply a political comedian to possibly a candidate for elected office. Before you dismiss this theory, hear me out.

For years, Maher has been simply a political comedian. But that changed in 2012, when Maher donated $1 million to a super PAC supporting President Obama’s reelection efforts.  Now with “Flip a District,” Maher has taken the next step as he enters “the exciting world of outright meddling with the political process.”

I’m not saying that Bill Maher is now on the verge of giving up his day job to pursue elected office, but there’s a chance we could see that one day. And here’s the thing: Maher could win. (That screaming sound you heard was from people on the right.)



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Daily Kos drumming up support for the 2014 Midterm Elections….

Daily Kos on the MidTerm changes and fundraising for House races….

To see this email, turn on your images


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New York State Budget passed…de Basio gets some of the Pre-k money…No tax increase..

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo get what HE wants….

New York City Mayor gets SOME of what he wants…..

de Balsio gets part of the whole Pre-k money which will divided up around the state…Not just to New York City….

On the Charter Schools issue, which de Blasio Admin wanted to make some cuts to….The State Legisiators have gone around the mayor and required him to find space for additional charter schools OR pay their rent if space isn’t found….

The Mayor got this one turned BACK on him….

After weeks of closed-door negotiations, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and legislative leaders reached a deal on the next state budget that provides $300 million for prekindergarten in New York City and grants new protections for charter schools, officials said on Saturday.

The agreement, which followed exhausting but relatively peaceful negotiations, does not include a tax increase on high-earning city residents that Mayor Bill de Blasio had sought to pay for preschool classes and after-school programs.

But the mayor appears likely to receive much of the money he had sought to raise through the tax, which his advisers said had been their primary goal. The mayor had wanted about $340 million for the prekindergarten expansion; the budget pact allocates that much money for the entire state, with most of it designated for New York City.

The final negotiations played out among sleep-deprived officials late Friday night, after days of uncertainty at the Capitol about when a deal would be made final. The spending plan was devised largely in secret by the governor and top lawmakers.

Budget legislation was printed overnight, and lawmakers, lobbyists and reporters were combing through the bills in an effort to discern the terms of the deal.

While City Hall expressed happiness over the prekindergarten financing, the budget also provided a major victory for charter schools and seemed to undercut many of the educational policies of Mr. de Blasio, a longtime critic of many aspects of the charter school movement.

Most significantly, the legislation would require the city to find space for charter schools inside public school buildings or pay much of the cost to house them in private space. The legislation would also prohibit the city from charging rent to charter schools — an idea Mr. de Blasio had championed as a candidate for mayor…..


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