‘Why? Why would I bother to vote?’ ”…The Problem with some Latino’s

This response to Latino’s try to organize and get out the votes stands against Older Right leaning Americans who are only TOO GLAD to go to the polls to hold on to their way of life….

The young do NOT understand that VOTING COUNTS.….

That failure to vote , Giving up…..

Only will make things stay the same, or make things worst for them….

The ONLY real power they can have against the rich and the rightwingnuts is their vote as a collective….Politicians NEED votes to keep their jobs and they will act accordingly to get those votes…

To give up their vote is to leverage their increasing numbers away…..

Across the country, immigrant-rights advocates report mounting disillusionment with both parties among Latinos, enough to threaten recent gains in voting participation that have reshaped politics to Democrats’ advantage nationally, and in states like Colorado with significant Latino populations. High hopes — kindled by President Obama’s elections and stoked in June by Senate passage of the most significant overhaul of immigration law in a generation, with a path to citizenship for about 11 million people here unlawfully — have been all but dashed.

Lisa Duran, Ms. Chacon’s supervisor, said some Latinos felt “nowhere to turn.” CreditMatthew Staver for The New York Times

Latinos mainly blame Republicans, who control the House and have buried the Senate bill, but they also have soured on Mr. Obama. The federal government has so aggressively enforced existing immigration laws that one national Hispanic leader recently nicknamed the president “deporter in chief” for allowing nearly two million people to be deported.

A day after that widely reported gibe in Washington, at Denver’s Spanish-language radio station KBNO (“Que Bueno” to its audience), the host Fernando Sergio devoted his three-hour talk show to asking listeners whether they agreed with the criticism, or “has President Obama done the best he can against Republican opposition?”

“The majority were very angry at the president,” Mr. Sergio said in an interview at the station, where pictures of John and Robert Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Mr. Obama hang on the walls. “People feel like he’s made some promises that he hasn’t fulfilled, that he can do more” — like expand his 2012 order that deferred deportations of young people brought to the country as children, a group known as Dreamers……


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