Democrats will cut down the number of Presidential debates for 2016 also….

The talk in political circles have been about the GOP cutting down and excerpting more control over debates for the 2016 Presidential Primaries…

It seems that the Democrats are looking to do the same thing ….

If Hillary Clinton is going to be the censuses Democratic nominee…..

Why have her getting beat up by someone that has no chance?

(This Dog has been FOR someone challinging her to sharpen her skills for the contest with the GFOP nominee come the summer and fall)….

Republicans have been working on ways to cut down what was over 20 primary debates in 2012 down to a manageable number with more limitations on moderators and media outlets presenting the debates. It now appears that many within the Democratic Party are having similar thoughts.

Report from Reuters:

Some veterans of Democratic presidential campaigns believe that their party, which will have no incumbent running in 2016, would be well advised to follow the Republicans’ lead in limiting the number of same-party debates.

During the early stages of a primary, such debates can benefit candidates who have little chance of winning their party’s nomination, much less a general election.

The Republicans’ primary season last year often was a race to show which candidate could please the party’s most conservative members, resulting in situations that analysts said wound up hurting Romney in the November election.

At a September 2011 debate, the crowd booed a question from a gay soldier about the military’s policy that had excluded openly gay soldiers. Some of the most stinging attacks on Romney’s background as a wealthy private equity executive were given their earliest airings by fellow Republicans in debates.

Democratic strategist Tad Devine, who advised John Kerry and Al Gore in their presidential campaigns, said that Democrats likely will try to limit their debates in the 2016 campaign.

“That’s a reform that the Democrats will join in,” Devine said……


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