BREAKING NEWS: Republican Chairman of House Ways & Means Cmt. Dave Camp (R-MI)

Camp to RETIRE at the end of his Term; Not seeking Reelection. 

Props to POLITICO who has had a Scoop of it this Morning…..

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“Serving in Congress is the great honor of my professional life,” Camp said in a statement released by the Ways and Means Committee. “I am deeply grateful to the people of the 4th Congressional District for placing their trust in me. Over the years, their unwavering support has been a source of strength, purpose and inspiration.”

Camp, 60, said he will spend the remainder of this 113th Congress on efforts to “grow our economy and expand opportunity for every American by fixing our broken tax code, permanently solving physician payments for seniors, strengthening the social safety net and finding new markets for U.S. goods and services.”

The retirement was widely expected on Capitol Hill. Over the last few weeks, senior Republican officials were skeptical Camp would run for reelection.

After this Congress, term limits would prohibit Camp from serving another two years as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Without special dispensation from Boehner, the Michigan Republican would go back to being in the rank and file — a rough assignment for a veteran like Camp.

In Michigan, candidates must file for reelection by April 22, and Camp had not yet filed…..

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Who is next? Don’t tell me it’ll be either Fred Upton (R) or John Conyers (D) because that’s what I am beginning to suspect now.

Daniel G.


Didin’t rep Paul Ryan want House Ways and Means to rewrite the countries tax bill?

The Dog….

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5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Republican Chairman of House Ways & Means Cmt. Dave Camp (R-MI)”

  1. Ways & Means (i.e. raising government revenues) is too powerful a job to be given anyone for life, but it’s both a highly technical job and one that requires great political skills.

    And fixing a tax code that hasn’t been properly addressed since Sen. Bill Bradley (D-NJ), Sen. Wm Roth (R-Del) and Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D-Ill.) tackled it in the Internal Revenue Code revisions of 1986.

    All kinds of complicated breaks, exemptions and incentives have crept back into the Code since then, as I remember from my seasons as a tax preparer. While “tax reform” can mask all kinds of other agendas, there’s a basic kind of simplification that can win the support of libertarians, conservatives, moderates, liberals and progressives alike.

    If Dave Camp and his Democratic counterparts can come up with a simpler, fairer Code that starts off from revenue-neutrality, they should stick around until the project’s well under way.

    1. Agreed DSD on the technical part…..
      But Paul Ryan IS a Technical Guy and I think he’s gonna get the seat….

      Camp is going….
      I’m sure he thought long and hard about leaving….

      The seat also earns the holder MUCHO $$$……
      Back in the not so far ago day Charlie Rangel held it for a brief period before giving it away with his financial problems…

      If the GOPer’s hold both Houses of Congress the Chair IS gonna have REAL power…

  2. Rosty chaired Ways & Means, and he had his own problems. So did Wilbur Mills.

    Chairs of Ways and Means since World War I.

    I recognize two names from the Fordeney-McCumber and Smoot-Hawley tariffs that we had to memorize for our old-fashioned American History class in the 1960’s.

    48 Joseph Fordney Republican MI 1919 1923
    49 William R. Green Republican IA 1923 1928
    50 Willis C. Hawley Republican OR 1928 1931
    51 James W. Collier Democratic MS 1931 1933
    52 Robert L. Doughton Democratic NC 1933 1947
    53 Harold Knutson Republican MN 1947 1949
    54 Robert L. Doughton Democratic NC 1949 1953
    55 Daniel A. Reed Republican NY 1953 1955
    56 Jere Cooper Democratic TN 1955 1957
    57 Wilbur Mills Democratic AR 1957 1975
    __ Al Ullman (acting) Democratic OR 1973 1975
    58 Al Ullman Democratic OR 1975 1981
    59 Dan Rostenkowski Democratic IL 1981 1994
    __ Sam Gibbons (acting) Democratic FL 1994 1995
    60 Bill Archer Republican TX 1995 2001
    61 Bill Thomas Republican CA 2001 2007
    62 Charles Rangel Democratic NY 2007 2010
    __ Sander Levin (acting) Democratic MI 2010 2011
    63 Dave Camp Republican MI 2011 present

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