Five Thirty Eight does Oscar ‘Best Picture Math’……

Nate Silver gets a chance to spread his math crunching numbers thing with a look at the ‘Best Movies’…..

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) publishes a list of more than four million descriptive keywords, or tags (from “abusive boyfriend” to “Ziegfeld Follies”), associated with its index of films. We analyzed the data for the 503 films that have been nominated for best picture since the beginning of the Academy Awards, in 1928 (we included the 1929 finalists in our tally, though no official nominations were announced that year). Our goal was to identify those themes, motifs, and plots that have been most durable over the years—and those that have cycled into and out of fashion. The numbers tell the tale of the changing whims of the Academy, and the sort of society that it hoped to reflect. Oscar-nominated films involving marriage proposals peaked in the 1950s—and those involving nudity, in the 1970s. Other themes have endured—drunkenness, adultery, and murder have never been out of style at the Oscars. And Hollywood has long had a love-hate relationship with Los Angeles: New York, London, and Paris have been much more common settings for Oscar-nominated movies. Our data is not meant to imply that there is a magic formula for winning an Oscar, but most of the movies nominated in recent years have been neither independent films nor blockbusters. Instead, as Hollywood has sought to re-assert the viability of the movies as both a commercial and an artistic medium, it has tended to honor those films that struck a balance between edginess and accessibility…..


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Yes …There IS a Wiki page for Bridge-Gate…..

The information site gives a encyclopedic review of the New Jersey Bridge Scandal…..

And it’s long and very detailed…..

Gotta to love ya Wikipedia…….

Fort Lee (highlighted in yellow) with George Washington Bridge marked as I-95 over the Hudson River to Manhattan, New York City

Image from Wikipedia

The Fort Lee lane closure scandal, also known as the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal or Bridgegate, is a U.S. political scandal in which a staff member and certain political appointees of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have been shown to have conspired to create traffic jams in Fort Lee, New Jersey, starting at a New York-bound, upper-level, toll plazaentrance to the George Washington Bridge. The problems began on Monday, September 9, 2013, after two of three toll lanes for this entryway were closed to traffic from Fort Lee and surrounding communities prior to the morning rush hour and reallocated to the main traffic from state and interstate expressways, resulting in massive back-ups on local streets over the course of five days. The disruption was apparently created for political retribution, but the precise target or motivation remains unclear.

A senior Christie adviser, as well as his two senior appointees to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (which manages the bridge traffic), were alleged to have covered up these actions before, during, and after initiating the toll lane closures. Other senior staff/advisers in his governor’s office and at the Port Authority were alleged to have been involved in condoning or making efforts to minimize or obfuscate public disclosures as the scandal developed.

Local area officials and emergency services officers, as well as the general public, were not notified of the lane closures. Fort Lee officials declared the unannounced closures a threat to public safety, noting multiple cases in which emergency services responses had been delayed, and said that schools had been disrupted by the delayed arrivals of students and teachers who had been caught in the traffic jams…..


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Bill O’Reilly disses the idea of a Woman President…..

This guy is REALLY a certified KNUCKLEHEAD…….

(England, Germany, India and Israel seem to have done alright with Women running the show, eh?)

O’Reilly: ‘There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president’

by Hunter @ Daily Kos…..

Probably the best part of this Bill O’Reilly clip is the reactions on his guests’ faces as he pipes up with this stuff.

“There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something. Something that may not ‘fit’ with that office. Correct?”

Oh, do go on. This ought to be good.

“There haven’t been that many strong women leaders throughout history. […] But you know, when you’re President of the United States, you have to deal with people like Putin, you have got to deal real ornery mullahs in Iran—look, the mullahs in Iran, they think women are like subspecies.”

Forget Iran, Republican legislatures throughout the various states think of women as a lesser subspecies. Bill O’Reilly has more than a little trouble with it himself from time to time. Being president means you have to deal with blowhards like Bill O’Reilly, and if you can do that without throttling him then you can probably deal with the likes of Vladimir Putin. (For starters, maybe you don’t give him a what-you-think-of-clever nickname like “Put-put”. Gawd.)

There are going to be a lot of people who have a problem with a woman president, whether it happens in two years or in twenty. Most of them, as it turns out, are going to be interviewed on Fox News, a network which we can expect to be asking this same “can a mere delicate woman possibly handle the difficult task of presidentin”” on every show before every election until it finally happens, and for four to eight years after that besides. Anyone who has been, say, a secretary of state probably has the chops to negotiate with foreign leaders; if there are Americans that have problems with the notion, you can’t pin that one on the Iranian mullahs. They’re not the ones piping up on American television with magic-based explanations of how the female body works, or explaining away various once-held rights of American women by explaining that pregnancy demotes them to “host” status.

We know the good people of the Fox Nation are going to have a difficult time reconciling themselves to the notion of a female president. It’s 2014, and they can’t restrain themselves from “asking the question” as it is.

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Jerry Brown to run for a 4th Term as California’s Governor…..


And the man HAS done a remarkable job is keeping the place in one piece this time…….

Arnold Who?

 Gov. Jerry Brown, already the longest-serving governor in California history, announced Thursday that he would run for an unprecedented fourth term.

Mr. Brown’s re-election bid had been widely anticipated and his announcement was understated — in a Twitter posting with a simple picture of him taking out papers in the Alameda County registrar’s office.

In an email to supporters, Mr. Brown, who is 75, acknowledged that his latest bid for office would have seemed implausible when he first ran for governor four decades ago.

“At this stage of my life, I can say — without any hesitation — that I am prepared and excited to tackle these challenges and the many others that lay before us. In fact, there is nothing I would rather do,” he said in the statement. “By the grace of God and habits of perseverance instilled in me by my family, the Dominican nuns and the Jesuits, I am here and ready to go.”

Mr. Brown cited his work on repairing the state’s persistent budget troubles. The state had a deficit of more than $25 billion when he took office in 2011 and now has a surplus. The governor has also been working to persuade his fellow Democrats who control the Legislature to stock away money for a rainy-day fund…..



he’s got over 1.2 million followers on

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…from Nicekicks….


Air Jordan aesthetic meets classic soccer style thanks to the Nike Tiempo ’94 “Air Jordan 1″ Pack. Honoring Marco Materazzi’s greatest influences, these AJ1-inspired sneakers feature iconic color blocking and pay tribute to Materazzi’s rise as a world-class champion while wearing Nike Tiempo boots……


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Jersey people don’t ask their Governor about Bridge-Gate anymore….

New Jersey Governor Christie has held a couple of Town Hall meetings recently….

During those meetings national media types have been astounded to see that the Republican Governor has not been asked once about his dealings in the Bridge-Gate lane closure scandal….

That’s right….

NOT a peep about the Governor’s troubles…..

Even though 93% of people in the state are thought to knowledge of the scandal….

(Christie’s polling numbers HAVE dropped but his approval in the state these days is around 50%)

When governor Chris Christie announced the first town hall meeting of his second term, speculation was rampant that the governor would face a mob demanding answers over his role in the now infamous bridgegate debacle.

But while that meeting, held last week in Middletown, drew some residents peeved over the government’s response to Hurricane Sandy and the red tape they must navigate to fix their homes, not one attendee posed a question about the George Washington Bridge.

A fluke, many thought. Surely this week’s town hall meeting in Morris County would produce somebody – even if it was a plant by those eager to bring down the governor over the incident – who would step up to the microphone and take the governor “for a walk” as he likes to say, over bridgegate.

Nope. Not one.

So what gives?  Is Christie lucky?  Are the questions planted? Or does the general public just not care that much about bridgegate?

“I live in New Jersey and if you ask me to rank in order the things that are important to me to make my quality of life better – things I’m going to ask the governor if I only have one shot to ask a question- it’s not going to be about bridgegate,” said Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray. If I have 10 questions, maybe. But not when I have just one chance.”

As for whether New Jerseyans actually care about the issue, Murray said they do, just not more than the things that effect their day to day quality of life….


Here’s Chris Clilzzia @ The Washington Post on the same question (I’d think he read the above linked piece also)…

No matter the reason, the lack of bridge-related questions is somewhat remarkable given the intense focus in both the state and national media on the story. Of course, if Christie continues to do town halls — and he will — there will likely come a time in the not-too-distant future where he will face a question about Fort Lee and how his Administration acted. That answer, which you can be certain Christie has rehearsed in his head (and maybe out loud with his aides), will be incredibly closely watched, re-watched, parsed and then re-parsed. It’s somewhat amazing it hasn’t happened yet….



Has the Media overplayed this story in New Jersey?

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On Ole’Joe Biden……


After how many tries at running for President, After being Vice President, after a successful stint in the US Senate……


Approaching the young age of 73 in 2016…..

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr…..

Is telling everyone who will listen that could try to run for President again…..

(Never mind the quips, eh?)

Forget the politics. Biden is enduring a trial that many people of his age—and that includes 66-year-old Hillary Clinton—are forced to confront: He can see the end of the road approaching, and fast, but the gas gauge still reads full. Biden simply isn’t ready to quit. It’s not clear he even knows how. He’s a comeback addict, a restless striver who believes that anyone who isn’t climbing is falling. Besides, it’s a much, much smarter bet to keep people guessing, no matter what he finally decides: Nobody in D.C. gains influence by declaring they are playing out the string. And sure enough, Biden has been out making that very point during a spate of media appearances this winter, insisting his decision won’t have anything to do with Clinton’s. “I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do,” he told me after an event in late January. “I’ll make the decision after the [2014] midterms. I’ve got a lot on my plate.”

Laugh if you want, but Biden is seriously considering a run, to hell with the naysayers who insist he is too old (73 in 2016) and too undisciplined (“Bidenism” after all, has its own entry in the Urban Dictionary). Every one of the dozen Biden friends I interviewed predicted he wouldn’t actually run for president in 2016. Then again, every single one also said it wouldn’t be a surprise if he jumped in at the last minute to “keep this great ride going as long as possible,” as one veteran Biden staffer told me…..


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Daily Real Clear Politics Polling Numbers 2/24/14 to 2/27/14…

Hillary STILL Holds a good lead over the 2016 GOP field……

Thursday, February 27
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 42, Disapprove 54 Disapprove +12
President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 48, Disapprove 50 Disapprove +2
Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus PPP (D) Huckabee 17, Paul 14, Bush 13, Christie 10, Cruz 10, Santorum , Ryan 9, Walker 7, Jindal 7, Rubio 3 Huckabee +3
Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus PPP (D) Clinton 67, Biden 12, Warren 5, Warner 3, Cuomo 2, O’Malley 0, Schweitzer 0 Clinton +55
Iowa: Huckabee vs. Clinton PPP (D) Clinton 46, Huckabee 42 Clinton +4
Iowa: Christie vs. Clinton PPP (D) Clinton 45, Christie 39 Clinton +6
Iowa: Paul vs. Clinton PPP (D) Clinton 47, Paul 42 Clinton +5
Iowa: Bush vs. Clinton PPP (D) Clinton 45, Bush 41 Clinton +4
Pennsylvania: Christie vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 46, Christie 41 Clinton +5
Pennsylvania: Paul vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 53, Paul 38 Clinton +15
Pennsylvania: Bush vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 53, Bush 36 Clinton +17
Pennsylvania: Cruz vs. Clinton Quinnipiac Clinton 54, Cruz 34 Clinton +20
Wednesday, February 26
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
President Obama Job Approval CBS News/NY Times Approve 41, Disapprove 51 Disapprove +10
President Obama Job Approval The Economist/YouGov Approve 43, Disapprove 55 Disapprove +12
2014 Generic Congressional Vote CBS News/NY Times Republicans 42, Democrats 39 Republicans +3
Direction of Country CBS News/NY Times Right Direction 32, Wrong Track 63 Wrong Track +31
Direction of Country The Economist/YouGov Right Direction 29, Wrong Track 59 Wrong Track +30
Direction of Country Rasmussen Reports Right Direction 32, Wrong Track 61 Wrong Track +29
Congressional Job Approval CBS News/NY Times Approve 13, Disapprove 80 Disapprove +67
Congressional Job Approval The Economist/YouGov Approve 10, Disapprove 74 Disapprove +64
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. Wolf Quinnipiac Wolf 52, Corbett 33 Wolf +19
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. Schwartz Quinnipiac Schwartz 44, Corbett 38 Schwartz +6
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. McCord Quinnipiac McCord 43, Corbett 36 McCord +7
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. Hanger Quinnipiac Hanger 40, Corbett 37 Hanger +3
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. McGinty Quinnipiac McGinty 40, Corbett 38 McGinty +2
Pennsylvania Governor – Corbett vs. Wagner Quinnipiac Wagner 44, Corbett 37 Wagner +7
Pennsylvania Governor – Democratic Primary Franklin & Marshall Wolf 36, Schwartz 9, McCord 3, Wagner , Hanger 1, McGinty 1 Wolf +27
South Carolina Senate – Republican Primary Winthrop Graham 45, Bright 9, Mace 4, Connor 4, Cash 3 Graham +36
Illinois Governor – Republican Primary WeAskAmerica Rauner 36, Dillard 17, Brady 13, Rutherford 7 Rauner +19
Tuesday, February 25
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
Iowa Senate – Jacobs vs. Braley PPP (D) Braley 41, Jacobs 35 Braley +6
Iowa Senate – Ernst vs. Braley PPP (D) Braley 41, Ernst 35 Braley +6
Iowa Senate – Whitaker vs. Braley PPP (D) Braley 40, Whitaker 34 Braley +6
Iowa Senate – Clovis vs. Braley PPP (D) Braley 42, Clovis 34 Braley +8
Hawaii Senate – Democratic Primary Honolulu Civil Beat/MRG Hanabusa 40, Schatz 40 Tie
Iowa Governor – Branstad vs. Hatch PPP (D) Branstad 48, Hatch 36 Branstad +12
New York Governor – Astorino vs. Cuomo Siena Cuomo 64, Astorino 22 Cuomo +42
Pennsylvania Governor – Democratic Primary Harper (R) Wolf 40, Schwartz 14, McCord 8, Wagner 7, Hanger 7, McGinty 6 Wolf +26
Monday, February 24
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
2014 Generic Congressional Vote Rasmussen Reports Republicans 37, Democrats 41 Democrats +4
Texas Governor – Abbott vs. Davis UT/Texas Tribune Abbott 47, Davis 36 Abbott +11
West Virginia Senate – Capito vs. Tennant Rasmussen Reports Capito 49, Tennant 35 Capito +14
Hawaii Governor – Democratic Primary Honolulu Civil Beat/MRG Abercrombie 37, Ige 37 Tie

…from RealClearPolitics….

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Rep. Ed Pastor (D-Ariz.) will not run for reelection….

And another one bites the dust……

Rep. Ed Pastor (D-Ariz.) will not run for reelection, he announced Thursday.

“After 23 years in Congress serving the people of Arizona, I have decided that I will not seek re-election this year. It has been a great honor and experience, but it is time for me to close this chapter of my life and start a new one,” he said in a Facebook post.

Pastor offered no details on his future plans.

The 11-term lawmaker’s retirement opens up a safe Democratic seat.

Within minutes of Pastor’s announcement, assistant state House Minority Leader Ruben Gallego (D) tweeted that he’s running for the seat, and is an early favorite in the race.


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The Republican Convention City list is down to Eight….

…from the Hill….

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced Thursday that the GOP has narrowed the list of possible 2016 presidential convention sites down to eight cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Priebus made the announcement on Twitter.

The RNC’s site selection committee is expected to decide on the final location later this year.

Late last month, RNC members appeared to lean toward either Denver or Las Vegas as the site for the 2016 convention.


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More Christie staff stuff….

It just gets worst…..

Christie aides joked about causing ‘traffic problems’ at rabbi’s home

by Jed Lewison @ Daily Kos

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gives a news conference in Trenton January 9, 2014.  Christie on Thursday fired a top aide at the center of a brewing scandal that public officials orchestrated a massive traffic snarl on the busy George Washington Bridg

These guys are so freaking funny I can barely restrain myself:

The private messages that linked Governor Christie’s office to lane closures at the George Washington Bridge also contain jokes about causing “traffic problems” at the home of a New Jersey rabbi associated with the Port Authority, newly released documents show. […] [Former Christie Port Authority aide David] Wildstein sent [former Christie deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne] Kelly a picture of Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, later writing: “And he has officially pissed me off.”“Clearly,” Kelly responded on Aug. 19.

“We cannot cause traffic problems in front of his house, can we?” Kelly wrote.

“Flights to Tel Aviv all mysteriously delayed,” wrote Wildstein, an executive at the bi-state agency that controls the region’s airports.

“Perfect,” Kelly wrote.

It’s not entirely clear what motivated the texts. Rabbi Carlebach appears to be a Republican; the photograph sent by Wildstein featured Carlebach and House Speaker John Boehner, and the rabbi delivered prayers at both the 2004 and 2008 Republican National Conventions.

Whatever the motivation, however, the texts underscore the fact that senior officials of the Christie administration viewed their ability to cause “traffic problems” as a source of power and influence. Even if you believe that Chris Christie was somehow unaware that he had such terrible people working for him, at a minimum it still leaves the question unanswered: How on Earth could he be so clueless about what his administration was up to?

Personally, I find it impossible to believe that Christie had no idea what was going on. These emails suggest that bullying was at the core of the culture in Christie’s office, which isn’t surprising given his approach to human interaction. And let’s not forget that the press started asking questions about the lane closures in September—it wasn’t until January, after weeks of denying complicity—that Christie finally conceded that his administration had been up to no good. In those intervening months, Christie did nothing to investigate what had happened, even though it was obviously that this wasn’t an issue that wouldn’t disappear without a full accounting of what transpired. And the most logical explanation for his lack of investigation is simple: He already knew.

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Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest 2/27/14… A Cory Gardner bid is already upending Colorado’s Senate race

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by David Nir

Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest banner

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Leading Off:

 CO-Sen, -04: This would be huge if true, and it seems like it almost certainly is. According to unnamed sources who spoke with the Denver Post, Republican Rep. Cory Gardner is set to make a late—and very unexpected—entry into the race for Senate. Gardner was a top choice for GOP recruiters last year, but he declined a bid against Democratic Sen. Mark Udall since he seemed fast-tracked to move up the leadership ranks in the House. That left Republicans with a pretty weak field that features deeply flawed 2010 nominee Ken Buck at the front of the pack.

But a Gardner candidacy would seriously shake up the race. If he gets in, a huge question would be whether other, more tea-flavored candidates stay in the primary, or whether the field clears. So far, the outlook on that front is unclear. Buck immediately declared thathe’d drop down to run for Gardner’s safely Republican House seat (while denying the fix was in), and the Weekly Standard claims that state Sen. Amy Stephens will also bailon the Senate race.

However, state Sen. Owen Hill sounds like he’s staying put: He said that Gardner “tried to push me out of the race” and denounced the Gardner-Buck switcheroo as “corruption.” Meanwhile, a third state senator also running for Senate, Randy Baumgardner, declared that he’s not going anywhere either. Whether Hill or Baumgardner can emerge as a viable anti-Gardner option, though, remains to be seen.

And if Gardner can vanquish these foes to earn his party’s nomination, Udall will have a very serious race on his hands. Indeed, someone as cautious as Gardner wouldn’t make this leap without some very positive polling. A PPP poll from last April had Udall up 10, but that was a long time ago in Colorado politics, and Democratic fortunes have since headed south.

Assuming we wind up with a Gardner vs. Udall race, that would mean, at the very least, a titanic matchup in the Rockies. It would also further stretch Democrats by forcing them to divert resources from other contests, which is exactly what the party doesn’t need right now. But it’s still no sure thing that Gardner would win the Republican primary, given how often we’ve seen establishment GOPers crash and burn. And that’s certainly what Democrats would have to hope for here….

Continue Reading

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Democrats will staff a permanent Get out and Protect the vote operation…

Democrats KNOW they are losing elections due to voter intimidation and not enough people coming out to vote…..

National Democrats are launching a program to expand voter access to polls, with a Thursday announcement aided by former president Bill Clinton.

The Democratic National Committee says it will fund and staff a permanent effort in battleground states to work for early voting and online voter registration, and against voter identification laws, combating what it calls Republican efforts at voter suppression.

“Today, there is no greater assault on our core values than the rampant efforts to restrict the right to vote,” Clinton says in a four-minute video that hits social media Thursday. “It’s not enough anymore just to be against these new voting restrictions. We need to get back on the road forward and work for more and easier voting.”

Democrats are to kick off the effort at the Democratic National Committee’s semiannual meeting in Washington, D.C. The first step will be to resurrect voter protection efforts and staff set up by the Obama campaign in the 12 battleground states of the 2012 election, said Pratt Wiley, an Obama campaign veteran who is heading the “voter expansion” effort for the DNC.

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Political Roundup for February 27, 2014…Walker and Paul start for 2016…Red Racing Horses…

by: Ryan_in_SEPA

2014 Midterms:  The New York Times/CBS have a poll out showing in spite of deep divides within the Republican ranks and a sour view generally, Republicans are poised to perform strongly in the 2014 midterms due to President Obama’s complete tanking among independents.  This poll shows the typical insanity we see from the electorate of wanting compromise but supporting incompatable stances.  If the electorate visited a mental health professional, it would be have a mental disorder.

CO-Sen:   Representative Cory Gardner has shaken up the Colorado US Senate race by entering the race.  Gardner’s entry has moved the race firmly into the tossup category.  In addition, it has given Ken Buck a strong path to Congress as he has dropped down to CO-4 to replace Gardner.

KS-Sen:  Senator Pat Roberts has launched a pretty strong attack against his primary opponent, Milton Wolf, for releasing medical information including x-rays of patients on Facebook.  Wolf also made fun of injured and dead patients.  Hopefully this puts the puppy known as Wolf’s campaign to sleep.

Planned Parenthood:   As expected, Planned Parenthood is planning on making another War on Women push in 2014.  As the Democrats need anything to distract voters from everything else going on.


Walker:  My favorite for 2016, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, is a target of Democrats who fear him as a 2016 candidate.  While Walker is favored for reelection in Wisconsin after his surviving a recall attempt, Democrats are going to try to derail Walker before he makes a run for President.

Paul:   Senator Rand Paul is quietly putting together a strong presidential operation while many are waiting for a governor to emerge.  Paul has a very distinctive brand, but that is not stopping him from building an outsider from Washington style image that has potential for broad based appeal.

Biden:  Vice President Joe Biden has been profiled by Politico.  The profile Politico provides describes how Biden is near the end of his political career, but still wants to give it a shot at President.  It really shows a man with ambition but nothing else to accomplish other than another long shot bid for President….


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Ukraine Update 2/27/14…Crimea Standoff…ex-President shows up in Russia…Russia mobilizes troops for Drill?

As the Ukraine Parliament moves forward in naming a new government and elections to replace the deposed ex=President  Viktor F. Yanukovych …..He is seemed to be surfacing from a southern part of Russia , saying he STILL is the leader of the country (He isn’t)…..

The Russian Government meanwhile is flexing by mobilizing over 100,000 troop across the border form the Ukraine for a ‘reediness drill’ ALL THE SUDDEN….

The Ukraine military has been operating along side NATO for the past few years and is seeking to joint the alliance and join the European Union…..(What is NATO gonna do on this?)

Of course looking West is NOT what Russian President Putin is happy about at all…..

Masked gunmen on Thursday seized government buildings in the capital of the Crimea region of Ukraine, barricaded themselves inside and raised the Russian flag, raising the specter of a separatist rebellion that could tear the country apart.

Further inflaming an increasingly volatile situation, Viktor F. Yanukovych released a statement Thursday saying that he remained the lawful president of Ukraine and appealed to Russia to protect “my personal safety.” While his precise whereabouts remained a mystery, Russian news agencies reported subsequently that Mr. Yanukovych would hold a news conference on Friday in Rostov-on-Don, a city in southern Russia, six days after he was driven from power by mass protests and fled from Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

Local police officers in Simferopol, the Crimean regional capital, sealed off access to the government buildings, including the regional Parliament, which were seized in mysterious overnight raids by people who appeared to be militant ethnic Russians. Crimea has been a source of tension between Ukraine and Russia for decades: the territory was transferred to Ukraine by the Russian Federation when they were both components of the Soviet Union in 1954, and Ukraine retained it when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, though Russia still maintains important military bases there, including the home port of the Black Sea Fleet.

Oleksandr V. Turchynov, the speaker of Parliament and acting president of Ukraine, urged Russian military forces early on Thursday not to stray out of the designated Russian military zones.

“I am addressing the Russian Black Sea Fleet command with a demand: all military servicemen should stay within the boundaries of of the territories stipulated by agreement,” Mr. Turchynov said as he presided over the Parliament. “Any movement of military servicemen with weapons outside this territory will be viewed as military aggression.”



: Putin has assured US Russia will respect territorial integrity; everyone needs to step back & avoid provocations

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Kentucky ordered to recognize Same – Sex Marriages…

Following the lead of other federal judges across the country  (Texas a few days ago), A federal judge has ordered the state of Kentucky to recognize same-sex marriages from outside the state….

The Governor  and Attorney General or=f the state are Democrats and they have NOT indicated if they  will appeal the judgment….

US District Court Judge John G. Heyburn has based his ruling on the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees equal protection of the law from state to state…..

Civil Right for Gays has turned into a issue of basic Civil Rights and judges are increasingly striking down laws  discriminating against gays across America….

A federal judge said Wednesday afternoon that he would issue a final order within 24 hours requiring Kentucky to immediately recognize same-sex marriages performed outside the state.

In response, lawyers for the attorney general’s office told U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II at a hearing that the state would “very promptly” decide whether to appeal the order.

Heyburn told lawyers that his final order will not include a stay postponing it from taking effect. “There could be some confusion” among Kentuckians who quickly seek legal benefits stemming from their same-sex marriages, such as joint tax-filing status, if the state appeals 30 days later and delays the implementation of the order or throws its future into question, Heyburn cautioned.

Gov. Steve Beshear and Attorney General Jack Conway, both Democrats, are defendants in the lawsuit. Attorneys for the state did not introduce evidence against same-sex marriage while the suit was being argued, limiting the case to issues of law.


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