President Obama and His ‘Realist’ Foreign Policy….

Politico does a serious piece on this nations Commander-In-Chief that coining the world ‘Realist’….

Fred Kaplan points to Barack Obama as a President who has focused on a quiet ‘hard nosed’ President that happens to be a Democrat…

The piece rightly points out something that many take for granted and don’t mention to loudly…

Obama has complete let just about ALL of the missions the Two Bush President’s have sent their military to do….

He has chaired the hunted down, eliminated and captured  far more terrorist that the last two president’s combined…

He has expanded the nation;s data collection efforts far beyond anything either Bush could have conceived of and supported those efforts unflinchingly….

He has also sent people out to talk to those same people he has his military hunting down….

He was willing to go to town on a country that used gas on his people…..

Yes, indeed Barack H. Obama is NO Pacifist…..

He has seemed to take the world as a dangerous place and has only seemed to keep tabs as far he thinks thing will go….No more…No less….(A Noble Peace Prize seems a distance long time ago)

And separate from this piece?

Nor will a Hillary Clinton as President…..

More than five years into Obama’s presidency, the single word that best sums up his foreign policy is “realist”—in some cases, as one former adviser told me, “hard-nosed,” even “cold” realist.

Like all postwar presidents, Obama speaks in hallowed terms about America’s global mission. But his actions reveal an aversion to missionary zeal. He has ended the regime-changing wars he inherited, and done much to avoid new ones. He rarely hectors foreign leaders about their internal affairs, at least in public. He suffers no ideological hang-ups about negotiating with dreadful rulers or sworn enemies, such as Iran, for the sake of national-security interests. To ease America’s way out of Afghanistan, he has cozied up to Central Asian autocrats and tolerated Pakistan’s duplicity. With almost clinical detachment, he has reassessed U.S. relationships in East Asia, embracing authoritarian regimes in Myanmar and Vietnam to promote trade and check an expansive China.

Obama’s belief in American values isn’t entirely rhetorical; he will sometimes place ideals above interests, though rarely when the two collide. He seems unmoved by the triumphalism that animated George W. Bush’s foreign policy, in part because he sees the bloody, futile legacy it left in the sands of Iraq—but also because it’s just not his style. During his first presidential campaign, when he said he had “enormous sympathy” for the foreign policy of President George H.W. Bush and his national security adviser Brent Scowcroft—ultimate realists—many thought Obama was just taking a whack at his predecessor, H.W.’s son. Maybe he was, but he also meant it. Perhaps more than any president since Dwight Eisenhower, Obama defines the national interest narrowly and acts accordingly. And in following this course, he has been much more successful than his critics allow. In fact, his deepest failures have occurred when he has veered off his path.



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2 thoughts on “President Obama and His ‘Realist’ Foreign Policy….”

  1. Neville Chamberlin was a ” realist “. I guess that means retreat and isolationist. Foreign policy is easy when that is your goal.

    1. I would say Obama drawing down in Iraq and Afghanistan and NOT drawing at all so far in Syria IS a good thing…..

      True, he wanted to keep troops in Iraq, but they told him no deal….
      And the same could happen in Afghanistan, though I think there WILL be a last minute deal….

      But isolationist?
      Far from it….
      As the piece points out he has still remained engaged in Pakistan, Lebanon and other countries….
      The US DOES have some truing troops in Iraq…..
      The US is increasing it’s truing advisors in Africa and even in Somalia …..

      But despite the noble try in Syria (Gassing your own people) I’m afraid most American’s ARE tired of the US getting involved oversea’s in conflict that relapse the second we leave the table….

      After 9/11 we cannot keep out heads in the sand…
      That’s one of the resins that the NSA is STILL doing it’s thing after wikileaks and Edward Snowden…
      We ARE listening around the world…

      US Special Operators are doing their thing in Africa, The Middle East and Asia…

      I think the piece is more about a man becoming President , getting a Noble Peace Prize and then sitting in his daily briefing and fighting with Congress and the media and learning that sovereign countries don NOT really do what WE want them to do….
      That certain groups of people will fight if their where down to two people sitting beside themselves….

      There REALLY is little you can do in the end….
      But THIS President HAS us whatever means at his disposal to go after people who want to go after us….
      That IS NOT Isolationism…
      That IS a realization that there are some bad people out to hurt us…
      And it is better to confront them in their backyard than here…
      With pilotless drone rather american lives…..

      After 5 years?
      Barack H. Obama has learned what he can do….
      And what he CANNOT….

      THAT IS Keeping it Real….

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