NY State Assembly is looking to delay Common Core Teacher reviews for 2 Years…


You CAN take THIS to the bank folks….

Common Core WILL be changed in New York State….

Parents, Teachers (Union) and School Administrators  are ALL against the way the program has been rolled out in the Empire State….

Governor Andrew Cuomo started out against ANY changes, but has changed his mind….(I wonder if his dislike figures dropping below 50% has anything to do with it?)

The Politics of this has made it impossible for something to NOT happen….

The problem for the Governor is M-O-N-E-Y….

I believe the Fed’s are fronting up to $700 Million for the program….

Somebody better work on getting that waiver so they can help Cuomo……..

Defying Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, state Assembly Democrats are drafting a bill that would delay teacher evaluations conducted under the new Common Core curriculum for two years.

The Democrats are expected to discuss the proposal behind closed doors Monday and perhaps vote on it later in the week, said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

Importantly, the introduction of the bill would come a week before the state Legislature is slated to appoint four members to the state Board of Regents, New York’s education policymaking board. Rank-and-file legislators said three weeks ago they might take the highly unusual step of not backing incumbent Regents if implementation of the Common Core wasn’t slowed down.

According to a draft of the proposal obtained by Newsday, the bill calls for “prohibit Common Core aligned assessments from being a factor in a teacher’s or principal’s … composite effectiveness score,” for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years.

Under a state law championed by Cuomo, 20 percent of a teacher or principal’s evaluation is based on student achievements on standardized tests.

The Regents themselves proposed such a two-year delay in February – but immediately dropped the idea after Cuomo ripped them for potentially “stalling” teacher evaluations.

The Democrat-backed bill would institute the two-year delay – if the state Senate also agrees to pass the measure…..


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4 thoughts on “NY State Assembly is looking to delay Common Core Teacher reviews for 2 Years…”

  1. There’s a general although so far not decisive kick back against Race to the Top/No Child Left Behind in Southeastern New England.

    After “underperforming” for three consecutive years, New Bedford High School, in SE Massachusetts, is facing the dreaded Turnaround Option [fire all the administrators, make every teacher reapply and hire back only 50% to 70% of the teachers] which first hit Central Falls, R.I., to much easily-anticipated consternation among parents, students and staff.


    Back in Rhode Island, Providence’s Supt Susan Lusi has broken ranks in testimony before a legislative committee. She now thinks it’s not a good idea to deny graduation to otherwise-qualifying high-school seniors who fail to pass the New England Comprehensive Assessment Program [NECAP] test, which was never designed for this purpose. (NECAP was a rough parallel by the other New England states to the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System [MCAS], a pioneer standardized test adopted by a Republican-appointed state school board that included the late John Silber and Diane Ravitch before the latter switched sides to oppose the Ed. Reform movement.)


    [For those who want more detail, NECAP, MCAS, Race to the Top, NCLB and John Silber all have Wikipedia articles. I’m sure there are others about Common Core, Diane Ravitch and standardized testing.]

    This is one of those issues where Zreebs tends to disagree with me and James.

  2. The extensive testing regiment is being contested around the country…
    The issue is getting up some political steam
    Interesting that teachers and school admin people who could be majority progressive voters are AGAINST something that comes from the government……

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