Candid Camera shots within the Supreme Court…

Somebody tell me why there aren’t Camera’s allowed in this nation’s highest court?

In this day and age Why are the Supreme’s above being watched in what they do and how they do it?

Hidden camera footage of what appeared to be Supreme Court proceedings from earlier this week surfaced on Thursday, offering one the of the first public recordings of the High Court’s proceedings.

A video posted on YouTube appears to show the proceedings leading up to and during a rare protest that took place in the court Wednesday, in which a man called on the justices to overturn the 2010 Citizens United ruling that opened the door to corporate political donations and led to the creation of Super-PACs.

The high court does not allow the media or the public to enter the chamber with electronic recording devices, video or otherwise.

While it does grant access to the public and releases delayed audio recordings of oral arguments, it has resisted calls to allow cameras inside.


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