Political Roundup for February 27, 2014…Walker and Paul start for 2016…Red Racing Horses…

by: Ryan_in_SEPA

2014 Midterms:  The New York Times/CBS have a poll out showing in spite of deep divides within the Republican ranks and a sour view generally, Republicans are poised to perform strongly in the 2014 midterms due to President Obama’s complete tanking among independents.  This poll shows the typical insanity we see from the electorate of wanting compromise but supporting incompatable stances.  If the electorate visited a mental health professional, it would be have a mental disorder.

CO-Sen:   Representative Cory Gardner has shaken up the Colorado US Senate race by entering the race.  Gardner’s entry has moved the race firmly into the tossup category.  In addition, it has given Ken Buck a strong path to Congress as he has dropped down to CO-4 to replace Gardner.

KS-Sen:  Senator Pat Roberts has launched a pretty strong attack against his primary opponent, Milton Wolf, for releasing medical information including x-rays of patients on Facebook.  Wolf also made fun of injured and dead patients.  Hopefully this puts the puppy known as Wolf’s campaign to sleep.

Planned Parenthood:   As expected, Planned Parenthood is planning on making another War on Women push in 2014.  As the Democrats need anything to distract voters from everything else going on.


Walker:  My favorite for 2016, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, is a target of Democrats who fear him as a 2016 candidate.  While Walker is favored for reelection in Wisconsin after his surviving a recall attempt, Democrats are going to try to derail Walker before he makes a run for President.

Paul:   Senator Rand Paul is quietly putting together a strong presidential operation while many are waiting for a governor to emerge.  Paul has a very distinctive brand, but that is not stopping him from building an outsider from Washington style image that has potential for broad based appeal.

Biden:  Vice President Joe Biden has been profiled by Politico.  The profile Politico provides describes how Biden is near the end of his political career, but still wants to give it a shot at President.  It really shows a man with ambition but nothing else to accomplish other than another long shot bid for President….


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