On Ole’Joe Biden……


After how many tries at running for President, After being Vice President, after a successful stint in the US Senate……


Approaching the young age of 73 in 2016…..

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr…..

Is telling everyone who will listen that could try to run for President again…..

(Never mind the quips, eh?)

Forget the politics. Biden is enduring a trial that many people of his age—and that includes 66-year-old Hillary Clinton—are forced to confront: He can see the end of the road approaching, and fast, but the gas gauge still reads full. Biden simply isn’t ready to quit. It’s not clear he even knows how. He’s a comeback addict, a restless striver who believes that anyone who isn’t climbing is falling. Besides, it’s a much, much smarter bet to keep people guessing, no matter what he finally decides: Nobody in D.C. gains influence by declaring they are playing out the string. And sure enough, Biden has been out making that very point during a spate of media appearances this winter, insisting his decision won’t have anything to do with Clinton’s. “I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do,” he told me after an event in late January. “I’ll make the decision after the [2014] midterms. I’ve got a lot on my plate.”

Laugh if you want, but Biden is seriously considering a run, to hell with the naysayers who insist he is too old (73 in 2016) and too undisciplined (“Bidenism” after all, has its own entry in the Urban Dictionary). Every one of the dozen Biden friends I interviewed predicted he wouldn’t actually run for president in 2016. Then again, every single one also said it wouldn’t be a surprise if he jumped in at the last minute to “keep this great ride going as long as possible,” as one veteran Biden staffer told me…..