Democrats will staff a permanent Get out and Protect the vote operation…

Democrats KNOW they are losing elections due to voter intimidation and not enough people coming out to vote…..

National Democrats are launching a program to expand voter access to polls, with a Thursday announcement aided by former president Bill Clinton.

The Democratic National Committee says it will fund and staff a permanent effort in battleground states to work for early voting and online voter registration, and against voter identification laws, combating what it calls Republican efforts at voter suppression.

“Today, there is no greater assault on our core values than the rampant efforts to restrict the right to vote,” Clinton says in a four-minute video that hits social media Thursday. “It’s not enough anymore just to be against these new voting restrictions. We need to get back on the road forward and work for more and easier voting.”

Democrats are to kick off the effort at the Democratic National Committee’s semiannual meeting in Washington, D.C. The first step will be to resurrect voter protection efforts and staff set up by the Obama campaign in the 12 battleground states of the 2012 election, said Pratt Wiley, an Obama campaign veteran who is heading the “voter expansion” effort for the DNC.