Veteran’s ARE angry at COLA cuts…..

Congress will under pressure to roll back ALL of the COLA ( Cost of Living Adjustments) military cuts….

House Budget Chair Ryan and Senate Chair Murray are already amending the COLA cuts to exempt disabled vets and surviors of those killed in action….The cuts don’t go into effect until 2015 giving Congress time to find a way to roll back the the cuts….

The ONLY House members speaking out against an outright restoration is Paul Ryan and he has only one vote…..

A solution could be to have the cuts affect only future military retires….

“I’m not an angry man, but I was very, very angry,” Preston, 51, said in a telephone interview from his home in Tampa. “This is a pact between the greater population of the United States and the fraction of people who served and sacrificed. If you didn’t want to pay us what you promised us, then you probably shouldn’t have promised it.”

The plan to trim pension increases for working-age military retirees such as Preston is by far the most controversial provision in a bipartisan budget dealapproved by Congress and signed last weekby President Obama.

The cut is small — a one-percentage-point reduction in the annual cost-of-
living increase — but it has provoked outrage among veterans who argue that the country is reneging on a solemn pact. And even though lawmakers, especially in the GOP, fulminate about the need to cut the cost of federal health and retirement benefits, many have vowed to roll the cut back when Congress returns to work next week.

The authors of the budget deal, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D-Wash.), have already agreed to amend the provision to exempt disabled retirees and survivors of those killed in action, eliminating roughly 10 percent of the $6 billion in savings projected over the next decade.

But Ryan has resisted efforts to abandon the pension cut entirely, calling it a “modest” adjustment to a particularly generous program — and therefore a more sensible choice than harder decisions that may lie ahead.

“I stand behind the need for reform,” Ryan wrote in a Dec. 22 op-ed in USA Today. Noting that a special commission is due to make recommendations in May to reform the entire military compensation system, Ryan wrote, “That’s why this reform does not take effect until the end of 2015 — it gives Congress ample time to consider alternatives.”

Opponents say the policy retroactively penalizes a deserving group while doing nothing to contain the much larger cost of health and retirement benefits for the general public…..


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