Amy…The ‘Kindle Fire’ Actor…

You won’t get her to help ya with your Kindle Fire Tablet….Sorry….

And she IS Married….

Unless you DVR everything on TV and jump past all the commercials, you’ve no doubt spotted the new series of commercials for the Kindle Fire HDX starring “Amy”, the attractive red-head who pops up on the screen to promote the devices “Mayday” feature connecting the customer to a live representative through video chat. But who is “Amy”? Allow me to introduce you.

“Amy” is Amy Paffrath, an actress whose list of credits includes mostly one time, bit parts in shows such as Two Broke Girls on CBS, and Sullivan and Son on TBS. She’s also starred in quite a few B-Movies you’ve probably never heard of such as Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong, Zombies vs. Strippers, and Gingerbread Man vs. Evil Bong…..


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