The Left and Labor want More from the President’s upcoming job picks….

With Senate Confirmation’s now a simple majority vote and the Democratic Majority in the Senate….Democratic Progressives  and Labor are lining up to press President Obama for friendly choices in people to fill spots vacant in the Government…..I would bet my paycheck that the President is gonna send a wave of people who the Republicans would NOT be happy with….

The President SHOULD be sending a whole lot of names to the Senate to get things on track for the next three years of his term….People who can do the job…..

But I doubt he’s gonna open himself up to media and GOP crticism that he’s packed the Government with left leaning puppets…..

And there is always Rep Issa ‘s House hearings to worry about…..

“Before we weren’t trying to push people with a labor backgrounds because we knew they would never have been confirmable,” said a senior labor official. “That bar has been removed. You’ll see considerable interest in seeing more progressive people appointed to positions.”

Groups are keeping their wish lists of potential nominees secret for fear that Republicans could still muster enough opposition to stall their confirmations if it became known they are the top priorities of the left.

“We do have a couple we’re trying to push right now,” said the labor official, who declined to reveal specifically which vacant positions are under discussion. “There are some assistant secretary positions.”

Earlier this month, Senate Democrats changed the Senate’s rules to lower the threshold for advancing executive and judicial branch nominees from 60 votes to a simple majority. The change does not apply to Supreme Court nominees. There are 55 senators who are in the Democratic caucus.

Liberal consumer advocacy groups have their sights set on two positions with regulatory oversight of Wall Street, one on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and another on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors….