On Chinese ‘Anchor Babies’….

Time magazine examines the trend of rich couple’s from China coming to  America to have babies…

Without knowing that sooner or later the IRS will want it’s due to pay for the ‘free’ pass to America…(Many of these parents pay fee’s to services that provide accommodations for the birth trip )

The parents will often wait for their children to grow to teenagers in China before being sent back to the US to continue their higher education and bring Mom and Pop back to the American legally thru sponsorship…..

Jiang and his wife, the Shanghai couple, didn’t use an agency. An English-speaking sales manager, his wife simply procured a business visa to the U.S. — something she had successfully done before — and set up camp in Rowland Heights, Calif. The L.A. County community, among others, has become notorious for a proliferation of “maternity hotels” for privileged expectant mothers from China. Jiang’s wife has hired a nanny for her son and expects to return to Shanghai with the newborn in a month’s time, after the U.S.-passport paperwork is completed.

China doesn’t allow for dual citizenship, so American-born babies will have to procure Chinese residency through sometimes shady means. (Yes, there are plenty of agencies that help with that task as well.) There are other catches. Eventually, young Americans, even those living abroad, are supposed to file tax returns and possibly pay taxes, something that’s not widely known among many Chinese parents. Jia Mei’s website, for instance, doesn’t mention this potential financial obligation.

Jiang, 31, doesn’t expect his son to return to America until he’s in junior high school and can profit from the relative freedom of the U.S. education system. But his wife has so enjoyed her time in California that she’s considering adjusting their timetable. “My wife thinks the air in L.A. is very good, and the food safety is good,” he says. “The weird thing is that many products are actually cheaper in America than in China. Maybe it makes sense for my son to live there sooner rather than later.”


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