New York City waits for it’s Mayor-Elect to pick a New Police Commissioner….

Bill de Blasio will be naming a new Police Head for the New York City Police Department shortly…..

He technically has a month to do so….But he really doesn’t…

A new Police Commissiner will have to be named in the next two weeks or so to give him time start a transition in the countries largest police department of 34,000+…..

The odds on Favorite pick would be Bill Bratton (My Choice) , who had the job for 2 years , and has headed the Boston and Los Angles Police Departments also….

The other names is the ring are Phil Banks, the Black chief of the Department and Rafeal Pineiro, NYPD’s First Deputy Commissioner….Neither have the front and center Political experience of actually being the out front person running the department…..

Bratton is by far the most experienced of the group and has been on the circus stage that a NYPD Head would be on day in and day out….

But Bratton while eminately quzlified to do the job inside and out….Does have a media affection that got him fired by Rudy Guliani back in the day….

We’ll see how this goes fairly soon in expect…..

Whomever Mr. de Blasio chooses as commissioner, the appointment will begin to answer questions about the role he sees for the 34,000-member Police Department, particularly as he moves to change the stop-and-frisk tactics Mr. Kelly has so vigorously defended and Mr. de Blasio has so assiduously denounced.

Until relatively recently, Mr. de Blasio did not devote considerable attention to the Police Department’s most contentious undertakings — including the expansion of the police intelligence apparatus and the explosion of stop-and-frisk policing.

Civil rights lawyers have been criticizing stop-and-frisk tactics for more than a decade, and the practice has received extensive media attention over the years. But before early 2012, Mr. de Blasio had left few traces of his thinking on the matter in his public statements. His pointed criticisms of the tactic since then have helped give Mr. de Blasio, who is white, near universal support among black voters.

An examination of his political career shows that while he was periodically involved in law enforcement policy, he was more likely to deal with the Police Department on neighborhood concerns that came up in the affluent Brooklyn district he represented for two terms on the City Council.

He worked hard, by many accounts, to build productive relationships with local police commanders, keeping in contact with them and appearing at awards ceremonies at local precincts.

“If he heard an issue about crimes in the neighborhood from a constituent, he would call me up,” said Thomas J. Harris, who commanded precincts around Prospect Park in the 2000s before retiring in 2010.

As mayor, Mr. de Blasio will have a far more complicated and consequential relationship with the Police Department.

He will also have to stand before the news cameras, with his police commissioner at his side, if there is a natural disaster or attempted terrorist attack, and reassure the city — and the world.



The outgoing NYPD head, Ray Kelly has been spending his last days on the job trying to fight for a continuation of the Department’s ‘Stop nad Frick’ policy which even the cops have stopped using after the city lost a lawsuit against it’s use… Blasio has said he will cancel current Mayor Bloombergs efforts to appeal the loss of the suit…..The new Police Head will have to work to defuse the bad press and feeling from the Kelly years of way the policy was eforced on the streets…


….for more on this try here…..

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4 thoughts on “New York City waits for it’s Mayor-Elect to pick a New Police Commissioner….”

  1. A clean, smooth transition is important.

    One hundred years ago this month, NYPD Commissioner Rhinelander Waldo (played by James Cagney in the fictional film Ragtime) who was going to be replaced by incoming Fusion Mayor-elect John P. Mitchel, tried to resign with most of his most important bureau chiefs on Dec. 31, 1913, one day before Mitchel’s inauguration, leaving a gaping void in the Department when the City was most vulnerable, on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.

    Retiring Acting Mayor Ardolph L. Kline — like Commissioner Waldo a Republican veteran of the Spanish-American War — instead fired Waldo summarily (going against Kline’s earlier hopes of retaining all the department heads in office when he succeeded the assassinated elected mayor William Gaynor in September 1913).

    For more details, see the Wikipedia articles on Rhinelander Waldo and Ardolph L. Kline, as well as the links in those articles.

    1. Damn DSD….

      That IS impressive!


      I just remembered…..

      Can anyone name the NYPD Commissioner that went on to be President of the United States?

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