gets better….But will NOT be perfect……

Heck, Few if ANY websites are perfect…..

The message is the site should be able to handle 50,000 hits at any given moment….

We KNOW the GOPer’s are gonna lay into the engatives come Monday and the media will carry the message….

But the site HAS gotten better, and the Fede’s have opened other avenue’s to to try and take some of the increased load on the site….

That IS progress…

Consumers reported varying degrees of success. Aimee Berner, 59, of Glenview, Ill., said she was still not able to finish the application that she began weeks ago. “At least for me, the glitches are still there.”

But on Friday, Dan Wilson, 28, of Madison, Wis., said he had better luck. “I needed to make a decision about whether I was going to keep my current plan or find a new one. I was successfully able to get through and get the information I needed.” In early October, he said, he found the site “just useless.”

Federal officials continue to try to create alternative ways to enroll. The latest is a shortcut called EZ-App, developed over the past month, which will allow consumers to more easily estimate how much federal assistance they are eligible to receive.

The concept is similar to the Internal Revenue Service’s 1040EZ form, the shortest and simplest way to file a federal income tax return. But even getting this slimmed-down process to work online has proved difficult, one person said, so it will initially only be available to individuals who seek to enroll by telephone.

The overhaul of the system’s hardware foundation is intended to address deep concerns about the site’s stability and horsepower. Though the site is up and running more than 85 percent of the time now — compared to just 42 percent in the third week of October — it still crashed for more than three hours last week.

When the site went down at the end of October for more than 10 hours, administration officials blamed Terremark, a subsidiary of Verizon, which operates the data center that houses the system’s hardware. While some specialists said Terremark merely followed specifications it had been handed, several contractors and vendors said they have been unhappy with the firm’s response to repeated outages. A new contractor, chosen before the site went live and problems emerged, is taking over when Terremark’s contract expires, the administration has said.

Because of the system’s fragility, one subcontractor, Oracle, has delivered its own server to a data center near Washington, so that its software, crucial for users to create accounts, runs faster and more reliably. Gary L. Bloom, the chief executive officer of another vendor, MarkLogic, said his firm is also moving its software to differently configured servers. MarkLogic provided the technology for the database that serves as the system’s internal filing cabinet and index……



As the above linked NY Times piece suggests…

The site will HAVE to become a stand alone severed site in the near future.(Its servers  are actually doing work for OTHER Government sites, which is stupid given the amount of trouble they have had up to now)….Going into March there WILL be a increased usage as the March 15 deadline approaches for sign-ups….

But the piece points out people ARE getting thru to the site to get things done…..

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One thought on “ gets better….But will NOT be perfect……”

  1. I dont believe the March deadline will stand.

    My guess is it will be moved to mid summer and maybe even early fall ,depending on how fast the website gets up to speed.

    Further, in the end!, I dont believe the penalty will be enforced for 2014 at all.

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