Why President’s shade the truth these Days….

It has been pointed out several times that even though we may be on President Obama’s side on most things….He IS a Politician and politician do and will shade the truth from time to time….

For this I have NO problem…But a LOT of people get defensive when I point this out….

We can go back to Nixon and the War in Viet Nam as a starting point….

From that effort in saying one thing….And then doing another the author of the piece points out …

A basic mistrust has developed between the media and Government….

I agree ….That has driven the media to go out of its way to show that they can find the opposite side to just about any issue a President might try to advance…

Jumping to the Healthcare Law today we find this….

The President has come out with a blanket statement that people would NOT lose their healthcare coverage with the new law….The media has played THAT over and over for the last week….

The President has stuck to his view on this….

Anyone with a little common sense can surmise that the President IS stretching the truth as he knows it….

In explaining away questions on this the President NOW gives that your Insurance company MUST offer a policy ((Cost?)..OR….(Like the Law is meant to work)…You have to go shopping for a NEW policy….

That LAST part is VERY important….

The President has NOW given that …..

MOST people  DO NOT focus on ANYTHING else when they get that letter from their instance company  (There are going to be over a hundred thousand of THOSE letters) when the letter comes telling them IN 90 days you ain’t gonna have Health Insurance….

They are gonna be scared and confused….

The President and his people knew that I’d think….

But they where MORE scared of the GOP and the media doing exactly what they HAVE done….

Go after them to slow or halt the rollout of the law….

These days the political and media tension is such that President’s feel it’s incumbent upon them to stretch the truth …To have wiggle room…to be shifty ….

It’s the way things are ….

Business as usual…

And we the public get short served …..


Check this piece out in the Daily Beast.…I do NOT go as far as the author in labeling President Obama as a outright liar….But I do embrace the general concept that President’s DO strech the truth as ALL politicians do…..

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3 thoughts on “Why President’s shade the truth these Days….”

  1. Not a Big Deal really folks….

    A German newspaper said on Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama knew his intelligence service was eavesdropping on Angela Merkel as long ago as 2010, contradicting reports that he had told the German leader he did not know.

    Germany received information this week that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) had bugged Merkel’s mobile phone, prompting Berlin to summon the U.S. ambassador, a move unprecedented in post-war relations between the close allies.

    Reuters was unable to confirm Sunday’s news report. The NSA denied that Obama had been informed about the operation by the NSA chief in 2010, as reported by the German newspaper. But the agency did not comment directly on whether Obama knew about the bugging of Merkel’s phone.

    Both the White House and the German government declined comment….


  2. Yup…..

    I mean I don’t have much of a problem with it….

    Heck, we kinda expect it these days…
    The Political atmosphere is so charged….
    But of course that means that the media will point out the action EVEN if they KNOW it HAD to be done…
    And the opposition will jump on it denying their OWN stretching of the truth….

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