There IS a fight going on between some Business interests and the Tea Party….

We ALL think of Business and the Republicans as in bed together….

But it appears that Business and the Tea Party are having a parting ways  in some places….

The Shutdown did NOT sit well with some business interest’s and the movement of the Tea Party to fighting rather that finding a acomidation with establishment Republicans has started a pushback …

Inside a pine-walled restaurant near Mobile, Ala., the South Baldwin Republican Women’s club is watching the party tear itself in two. Between bites of fried chicken and sips of sweet tea, a few dozen ladies and a handful of men clap and hiss as two GOP candidates for Congress savage each other. Bradley Byrne, a mild-mannered former state legislator, has accused Dean Young, a local Tea Party darling, of misusing campaign contributions from “good Christian people.” In reply, Young labels Byrne a liar, a coward, a lawyer and, perhaps worst of all, a former Democrat.

In the wake of October’s government shutdown, the uneasy peace between the GOP’s hard-right ideologues and business friendly moderates has given way to open warfare. And the first battle is in lower Alabama, where the party establishment has poured cash into an off-season congressional primary for the seat vacated by Representative Jo Bonner, a center-right Republican who retired in August.

Inside the lobbying shops of Washington and executive suites across the country, the GOP’s bundlers and business tycoons have been surveying maps and sketching plans to counter the cohort that sparked the shutdown. Over the next year, they may plow $150 million or more into congressional races in a bid to defend vulnerable allies and unseat truculent Tea Partyers.

More…(This from a Pay walled Time Piece…)

The feuding between business groups and Tea Party Republicans is just beginning.

Trade associations and conservative groups that clashed bitterly over the government shutdown and the debt-ceiling hike will soon be on opposite sides in fights over the U.S. Export-Import Bank, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) and the farm bill, to name just a few.

“You are starting to see some daylight growing between K Street’s entrenched interests and their friends in Washington versus us and the rest of the conservative grassroots,” said Josh Withrow, legislative affairs manager for FreedomWorks.

“Now in this time of Internet transparency, these folks can’t get away with these special interest deals that the have gotten away with for years. People are getting the word out, tweeting out these deals in the middle of the night, and it’s getting the grassroots’ attention.”

FreedomWorks could be one of several groups giving heartburn to House Republican leaders as they try to take action on businesses’ priorities ahead of the midterm elections.



This is NOT a GOP vs Business fight….

This IS a Business vs Tea Party fight…..

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