The 2013 Nassau County Executive Race…Voter Turnout….

The last polling for this race that is available was from Newsday/Channel 12 and it was done by Sienna Poling….

It was NOT good news for Tom Suozzi the Democrat that lost the job four years ago by less than 400 votes out of roughly 250,000 votes cast….

Suozzi had been even with current County Executive, Republican Ed Mangano….But on the 13th of this month he was now seen to be 15% BEHIND Mangano….

What seems to have happened…

I don’t have a scientific answer for ya ….

But I do have some observations…..

Suozzi won the Democratic nomination  to run for his old job…But during his campaign for the Democratic ticket a few things happened …..

Adam Haber run against Suozzi…..Haber is from Roslyn ….Suozzi  is also from the North Shore of Nassau County….But Suozzi is well known….Better known that Haber who never really clicked I think on the South Shore of the county….

But a funny thing became apparent with Suozzi’s run….

Turns out that there are groups of Democrats who DO NOT like the man….

Some voters mention the Suozzi run for Governor…..Some mention the lack of being in touch with people during his time in office (He has fixed that THIS time…But some people are slow to forget things)….

I have also seen what New York State Political Reporter Fred Dicker has pointed out….

That the Democratic Governor of New York State seems to NOT like Tom Suozzi and until last week, when he endorsed Suozzi AFTER Bill Clinton had done so ,several days before , IN NASSAU COUNTY ….In Person  …Up to then?….

He Didn’t have much of anything to do with Suozzi…Or Nassau County Democrats in general..preferring to work with Nassau County Republicans….(I saw a Mangano TV ad that featured the Governor saying Great things about Mangano?)….

All that is just crumbs though….

The truth is Democrats in Nassau County simply;y do NOT come out in Big numbers….

The number of Democrats in the county is 40,000 MORE than Republicans…

But  DEMOCRATS in the county do NOT come and vote at ANY  level close to the Republicans….

While the polling favors Mangano….

If the Suozzi campaign was able to get out a good amount of Democratic voters he would make the poll moot….and win his old job back easily…

There is NO presidential election to pull more voters for a Suozzi run….(Obama won the county last year even with the Democratic majority)…..

The man is gonna try to do what the Republicans in Nassau County do VERY effectively ….

Get Out the Vote….

It’s that simple….

The question that begs to be answered is what will it take for Nassau voters to get involved?

The promise of a dramatic rematch between Mangano and Suozzi, and the current chaotic climate of national politics may draw people out of their homes, according to Rosanna Perotti, a professor of political science at Hofstra University in Hempstead….


photo of ed Mangano (r.) and tom suozzi…

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5 thoughts on “The 2013 Nassau County Executive Race…Voter Turnout….”

  1. who is better to run our county?? suozzi wants this position for one thing…patronage. not saying the republicans don’t favor some but suozzi also will indeed drive the middle class out of nassau if given the chance!

    1. sid….

      the middle class AREc carrying the load….
      And keep digging MORE in their pockets….
      My kids cannot afford to buy a house in this county….

      I do NOT like Suozzi personally….
      But I’m MORE against the way the things are now…
      Bad Budgets…With Red Ink…
      Pro Teams leaving the county….
      Refusals to bring commercial development to drive down my taxes….
      And Refusals to consolidate some of the duplication that costs you and me ….
      A Financial Control Board to help from letting Mangano go bankrupt

      You’re right..
      To the victor goes the spoils which is probably why GOPer’s come out and vote in bigger numbers for Ed Mangano…

      But lets face it….
      The middle class is a endangered species in this county…
      People in the basements and renting upstairs is increasingly the way to go….
      What say that for the future of this place?

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