How does Ted Cruz run for the GOP nomination without the Party elders happy?

First ….We have a Politico piece explaining that the rookie CONSERVATIVE Republicans Senator from Texas, who spends a good amount of time over directing House Tea Party members on ways to beat up their leadership and their President , has extended a truce with his fellow GOP members…

He won’t  organize campaigns AGAINST them….

(Ballsy, eh?)

Second …..We have Larry Sabato’s site out with a piece that examines the prospects for Cruz , if he run for the GOP nomination, AGAINST the very people who control the process….

Can he do it?


Would he be successful?

Maybe…But it would extremely difficult to pull of….

Is THAT the reason he’s putting that he won’t mess with his fellow GOP Senate Party members, who I doubt are his friends right now….

Extending an olive branch to GOP senators, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is privately making it clear he won’t engage in the Senate Conservatives Fund’s hardball tactics to defeat his colleagues in their primary races.

At a closed-door lunch meeting of Senate Republicans Wednesday, the freshman conservative told his colleagues that he would not intervene in their 2014 primary fights or fundraise for the controversial outside group. Cruz added that the SCF’s decision to try to defeat sitting GOP senators in their primaries was its alone, according to several people familiar with the session.



“Sounds like we got trouble in River City… Good citizens, make your check payable to Cruz Against Soviet Healthcare. Or just ‘CASH’”

– Republican operative and commentator Mike Murphy, Oct. 25

Those in the political world with nothing better to do Friday night were transfixed on C-SPAN or Twitter, following along with Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) speech in Des Moines to the Republican Party of Iowa. Among those were members of the hard-to-define “Republican Establishment.” The best way to describe the establishment is that they are the people who think that the 87 House Republicans who voted to end the government shutdown and increase the debt limit two weeks ago cast a smart vote, as opposed to the 144 other Republicans in the House who didn’t.

Murphy (@murphymike), an alum from John McCain’s rogue 2000 presidential campaign and a Meet the Press regular, was one of the establishment Republicans tweeting snark about Cruz during his speech (example above). Another was Alex Castellanos (@alexcast), best known these days as a commentator on CNN. In response to a Cruz comment that dumping every Washington strategist in the ocean would be “a good start,” Castellanos cracked that he could “recommend a good finish.”

To the establishment, Cruz is the embodiment of all the forces conspiring to threaten the GOP’s long-term viability. And, on a personal level, they also just can’t stand Cruz: He drives them crazy.

Ever since he’s been elected, we here at the Crystal Ball have heard groaning from Democrats and Republicans alike about how much they dislike Cruz….


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