Hillary 2016….Why Can’t we ALL get along?

Terry McAuliffe is getting HIS moment to shine after trying to get office and failing in 2009 …..

He has raised a LOT of money for the Clinton’s in the past and its payback time…..

And the Clinton’s HAVE helped their friend , who is poised to become the next Governor of Virginia…

Along the way on this go around the Clinton’s seem to be testing out things to base a possible 2016  Hillary fro President……Why Can’t we ALL get along?

It’s one that seems to jump out at the old Obama ‘Change’ message….

Very few people would agree that ‘change’ has been about Barack Obama…..

But the Clinton’s look like are making the ‘get along  message’ from the constant push-pull between the Republicans…Conservative Tea Party types and the Democrats….To the way things are supposed to be…Bipartisan Give and take …The way the founders set it up to be…..

I’m sure the theme has or is being test marketed….

And I’d think we will see more of it since the Tea Party Conservatives seem to hell bent of keeping up the fight with Democrats, Establishment Republicans and ANYONE else who doesn’t see things THEIR way….


At campaign rallies and other recent appearances, both Clintons have called for soothing partisan tensions and have espoused a vision of governing by compromise. Barnstorming Virginia this week with longtime friend and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, Bill Clinton repeatedly assailed ideological politics on both sides of the aisle.

“When people sneeringly say, ‘McAuliffe is a dealmaker,’ I say, ‘Oh, if we only had one in Washington during that shutdown,’ ” the former president said at a rally here in Norfolk on Monday. “It’s exhausting seeing politicians waste time with all these arguments. It is exhausting. People deserve somebody who will get this show on the road.”

Such themes of change and comity are particularly ironic for the Clintons considering that one or the other has held public office in Washington for the past two decades. Bill Clinton’s tenure in office was also marked by fierce partisan battles that roiled the nation, including an impeachment fight and two government shutdowns.

In the 2008 Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton dismissed Obama’s message of post-partisanship as woefully naive. But since stepping down as Obama’s secretary of state earlier this year, she has adopted a similar theme, repeatedly berating lawmakers for choosing “scorched earth over common ground.”

“We are careening from crisis to crisis instead of having a plan, bringing people to that plan, focusing on common-sense solutions and being relentless in driving toward them,” Clinton said last week duringat a Center for American Progress gala.

Neither Clinton has brought up Obama directly in their remarks or explicitly criticized his leadership. Still, the Clintons’ general critiques carry echoes of the charges Republicans have frequently leveled against the current president: that Obama doesn’t respect their ideas and resists any compromise with them.



Of Course they ain’t gonna use the WORD CHANGE.…And the Get along Message also applies for next years 2014 elections…..

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5 thoughts on “Hillary 2016….Why Can’t we ALL get along?”

  1. More Third Way blather? (remember Tony Blair?)

    Lord save us from that! (in case you’ve forgotten about school uniforms, No Child Left Behind, Gramm-Leach-Bliley’s repeal of Glass-Steagall, the Clipper Chip, welfare reform, the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, Reinventing Government by privatizing everything or adding yet another tax credit, etc., etc.)

    I’d prefer the honest liberal capitalist like Paul Tsongas or Bill Bradley.

  2. Some of that was necessary compromise, but a lot of it was sincerely-felt centrist belief and ideology (The Third Way), which, despite all the hype and hope, is really no more assured of success than left-wing or right-wing ideology.

    For example, all that high-stakes testing that’s driving you screaming up the wall right now isn’t pragmatic compromise; it’s what the educational reformers really believe in.

    1. Thanks for the third way info….

      Methinks the people who put together this place politically didn’t design it to be run by ONE group for long…

      Then had the King of England fresh in mind….
      Every four years the people running to job of trying to steer this country of 300 Million Plus PROMISE ‘they’ll throw the rascals out’ and find the way ….

      It NEVER happens because it isn’t supposed to….
      COMPROMISE IS the Way….
      And THAT is exactly what Hillary and Co. are testing out….
      It will play well for a Good many American’s
      Scott’s Highlighted piece aboutWV points to recruiting by the Tea Party because they ‘want a piece of the pie’…
      Well it’s gonna be rough out there…
      Minute by minute there IS change…

      And old Coal and Steel towns or states for the matter are gonna be left behind for a while until someone finds a way to bring them back…
      But that’s the way it is ….

      No Third way…
      Just a seesaw back in forth in America of the TWO PARTY system ….

      And in the normal way of things ?…
      Yea Change…..

      Same-Sex Marriage….
      Women getting more jobs in the Military…
      Don’T Ask don’t Tell…
      Ans A Healthcare Law that is limping out the gate….

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