FAA loosen’s on board electronic devices rule…

Passengers will be able to use “handheld, lightweight electronic decides” such as e-readers, play games and watch videos on their devices with some exceptions, including a rule that electronic devices must be stowed in the seat-back pocket while a plane is rolling down a runway on takeoff and landing.

Air crews will also be able to require passengers to turn their devices off during landings with low visibility.

Cellphones will be allowed to be used in “airplane mode” only, and devices requiring WI-FI can be used as well, but only while connected to a plane’s on-board system.

According to the FAA, a report on gadget use compiled by the aviation rulemaking committee found that most commercial airplanes can “tolerate radio interference signals” from gadgets. In order to allow greater usage, airlines will have to assess and verify that their fleets can tolerate radio interference from gadgets.


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