The 2013 Nassau County Executive Race…Voter Turnout….

The last polling for this race that is available was from Newsday/Channel 12 and it was done by Sienna Poling….

It was NOT good news for Tom Suozzi the Democrat that lost the job four years ago by less than 400 votes out of roughly 250,000 votes cast….

Suozzi had been even with current County Executive, Republican Ed Mangano….But on the 13th of this month he was now seen to be 15% BEHIND Mangano….

What seems to have happened…

I don’t have a scientific answer for ya ….

But I do have some observations…..

Suozzi won the Democratic nomination  to run for his old job…But during his campaign for the Democratic ticket a few things happened …..

Adam Haber run against Suozzi…..Haber is from Roslyn ….Suozzi  is also from the North Shore of Nassau County….But Suozzi is well known….Better known that Haber who never really clicked I think on the South Shore of the county….

But a funny thing became apparent with Suozzi’s run….

Turns out that there are groups of Democrats who DO NOT like the man….

Some voters mention the Suozzi run for Governor…..Some mention the lack of being in touch with people during his time in office (He has fixed that THIS time…But some people are slow to forget things)….

I have also seen what New York State Political Reporter Fred Dicker has pointed out….

That the Democratic Governor of New York State seems to NOT like Tom Suozzi and until last week, when he endorsed Suozzi AFTER Bill Clinton had done so ,several days before , IN NASSAU COUNTY ….In Person  …Up to then?….

He Didn’t have much of anything to do with Suozzi…Or Nassau County Democrats in general..preferring to work with Nassau County Republicans….(I saw a Mangano TV ad that featured the Governor saying Great things about Mangano?)….

All that is just crumbs though….

The truth is Democrats in Nassau County simply;y do NOT come out in Big numbers….

The number of Democrats in the county is 40,000 MORE than Republicans…

But  DEMOCRATS in the county do NOT come and vote at ANY  level close to the Republicans….

While the polling favors Mangano….

If the Suozzi campaign was able to get out a good amount of Democratic voters he would make the poll moot….and win his old job back easily…

There is NO presidential election to pull more voters for a Suozzi run….(Obama won the county last year even with the Democratic majority)…..

The man is gonna try to do what the Republicans in Nassau County do VERY effectively ….

Get Out the Vote….

It’s that simple….

The question that begs to be answered is what will it take for Nassau voters to get involved?

The promise of a dramatic rematch between Mangano and Suozzi, and the current chaotic climate of national politics may draw people out of their homes, according to Rosanna Perotti, a professor of political science at Hofstra University in Hempstead….


photo of ed Mangano (r.) and tom suozzi…

Cory Booker is a US Senator….

And the now ex-Newark New Jersey Mayor will be the 55th Democrat in the 100 member US Senate….

Booker replaces Sen. Jeff Chiesa (R-N.J, who was appointed to fill the place of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) after Lautenberg died in June.

Booker, who served as mayor of Newark, N.J., defeated his Republican opponent Steve Lonegan earlier this month, giving Democrats back a seat in the Senate. They now have a total of 55.

He will be a critical “yes” vote when the Senate is expected to take up a same-sex rights bill next month. It’s unclear if Democrats have enough votes to overcome a Republican filibuster against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which bans workplace discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity…..


photo of the new US Senator for NJ and his mother…the

New Texas Abortion restriction’s reinstated by Federal Appeals Court….

The Law will stop 1/3 of the abortion clinics in the state from performing the procedures….The Law had been stayed by a Federal judge just days ago….The Appeals Court handing down the ruling in New Orleans  has a Conservative ruling history….

A federal appeals court on Thursday ruled that most of Texas’ tough new abortion restrictions can take effect immediately — a decision that means as least 12 clinics won’t be able to perform the procedure starting as soon as Friday.

A panel of judges at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans said the law requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital can take effect while a lawsuit challenging the restrictions moves forward. The panel issued the ruling three days after District Judge Lee Yeakel said the provision serves no medical purpose.

In its 20-page ruling, the appeals court panel acknowledged that the provision ‘‘may increase the cost of accessing an abortion provider and decrease the number of physicians available to perform abortions.’’ However, the panel said that the U.S. Supreme Court has held that having ‘‘the incidental effect of making it more difficult or more expensive to procure an abortion cannot be enough to invalidate’’ a law that serves a valid purpose, ‘‘one not designed to strike at the right itself.’’


Yea Cruz’s dad DID tell Tea Party types Obama should go back to Kenya last year….

And you wonder where Ted Cruz got it from?

Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), told a tea party group in 2012 he thinks President Barack Obama should go “back to Kenya.”

Cruz can be seen making the comments in a video posted by YouTube user Michael Openshaw in Sept. 2012 and reported by Mother Jones Thursday. In the clip, Cruz calls America a “Christian Nation” and urges the tea party group to vote only for Republicans in the upcoming 2012 election.

Cruz has gotten more involved with conservative politics since his son was elected to the U.S. Senate. In April 2013, Cruz sat down with the Heritage Foundation to discuss Republican’s Latino outreach.

Cruz has also become more public about his thoughts on Obama. In a YouTube video posted in July 2013, Cruz can be seen repeatedly comparing Obama to Fidel Castro.

 Source with a video….


Hillary 2016….Why Can’t we ALL get along?

Terry McAuliffe is getting HIS moment to shine after trying to get office and failing in 2009 …..

He has raised a LOT of money for the Clinton’s in the past and its payback time…..

And the Clinton’s HAVE helped their friend , who is poised to become the next Governor of Virginia…

Along the way on this go around the Clinton’s seem to be testing out things to base a possible 2016  Hillary fro President……Why Can’t we ALL get along?

It’s one that seems to jump out at the old Obama ‘Change’ message….

Very few people would agree that ‘change’ has been about Barack Obama…..

But the Clinton’s look like are making the ‘get along  message’ from the constant push-pull between the Republicans…Conservative Tea Party types and the Democrats….To the way things are supposed to be…Bipartisan Give and take …The way the founders set it up to be…..

I’m sure the theme has or is being test marketed….

And I’d think we will see more of it since the Tea Party Conservatives seem to hell bent of keeping up the fight with Democrats, Establishment Republicans and ANYONE else who doesn’t see things THEIR way….


At campaign rallies and other recent appearances, both Clintons have called for soothing partisan tensions and have espoused a vision of governing by compromise. Barnstorming Virginia this week with longtime friend and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, Bill Clinton repeatedly assailed ideological politics on both sides of the aisle.

“When people sneeringly say, ‘McAuliffe is a dealmaker,’ I say, ‘Oh, if we only had one in Washington during that shutdown,’ ” the former president said at a rally here in Norfolk on Monday. “It’s exhausting seeing politicians waste time with all these arguments. It is exhausting. People deserve somebody who will get this show on the road.”

Such themes of change and comity are particularly ironic for the Clintons considering that one or the other has held public office in Washington for the past two decades. Bill Clinton’s tenure in office was also marked by fierce partisan battles that roiled the nation, including an impeachment fight and two government shutdowns.

In the 2008 Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton dismissed Obama’s message of post-partisanship as woefully naive. But since stepping down as Obama’s secretary of state earlier this year, she has adopted a similar theme, repeatedly berating lawmakers for choosing “scorched earth over common ground.”

“We are careening from crisis to crisis instead of having a plan, bringing people to that plan, focusing on common-sense solutions and being relentless in driving toward them,” Clinton said last week duringat a Center for American Progress gala.

Neither Clinton has brought up Obama directly in their remarks or explicitly criticized his leadership. Still, the Clintons’ general critiques carry echoes of the charges Republicans have frequently leveled against the current president: that Obama doesn’t respect their ideas and resists any compromise with them.



Of Course they ain’t gonna use the WORD CHANGE.…And the Get along Message also applies for next years 2014 elections…..

Red Racing Horses 2013 Election Previews…Part 1…Legislatures…NJ/NYC /Wash State/Mass…

by: shamlet

Today we start our 3-part 2013 preview series with a look at legislative elections. Special and regularly-scheduled legislative races will happen in nine states, along with some competitive elections for the NYC Council.

New Jersey:

There are several competitive races for the New Jersey legislature, with Republicans hoping Christie’s coattails can lead them to victory in spite of the Dem gerrymander. Six districts are generally regarded as competitive, and most follow the same outline: Republican challengers trying to ride the Christie wave and Democratic incumbents trying to emphasize personal popularity. Because State Rep. seats are the same as State Senate seats, most of the action is on the Senate side, with Assembly members usually doing little campaign-wise but ride their Senator’s coattails.

In the relatively conservative SD-1 around Cape May and Vineland, Democratic Incumbent State Sen. Jeff Van Drew has used his personal popularity to massively outperform Generic D. He faces businesswoman Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt. Van Drew’s assembly running mates may be in more trouble though, as State Rep. Nelson Albano has been dogged by ethics questions and the other seat is held by an appointed incumbent.

In SD-2, based around Atlantic City, Incumbent Dem Sen. Jim Whelan has held on through tough challenges even as the two State Rep. seats in the district have consistently elected Republicans. This year, Whelan is facing GOP Atlantic County SheriffFrank Balles, and is leading by large margins in the polls.

Based in the southwest corner of the state, SD-3 is currently held by Senate President Steve Sweeney. Sweeney is facing Harrison Township official Niki Trunk in a race that has become a high priority for Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. This seat is a blue-collar Dem bastion and generally considered one of the longer shots of the six.

Moving northward to the Trenton area, SD-14 is a study in contrasts: A wealthy progressive northern portion around Princeton is tied to blue-collar Hamilton Township by the gerrymander. Former GOP State Sen. Peter Inverso, a moderate who has run with labor support, is trying to get back the seat he retired from in 2007 by challenging incumbent Dem Linda Greenstein. This race will likely be something of a tug-of-war between the heavily D northern part of the district and R-leaning Hamilton.

In Buono’s own SD-18, the state’s only open Senate seat, Democratic State Rep. Peter Barnes is hoping to move up to the upper chamber by defeating D-turned-R East Brunswick Mayor David Stahl. This is a pretty strongly D seat based around Edison, but outside groups have been spending very heavily here, suggesting it may be one of the more competitive races.

The last competitive seat is SD-38 in central Bergen County. Incumbent Democrat Bob Gordon is facing GOP College ProfessorFernando Alonso. There has been no polling here, but CW is that this race may be the most competitive of the bunch.

Word is that in the final week, Christie will be making a major push in 14, 18, and 38, including cutting ads for those three Republicans, while essentially ignoring 1, 2, and 3 to preserve his semi-friendly relationship with Sweeney and the three senators’ common patron, South Jersey boss George Norcross.

NYC Council:

Most of the NYC Council races are ultra-Safe D affairs, but there are a couple interesting spots….


Senate Republican’s hold up two Presidental nomination’s…

The last time the Republicans got into it with Democrats on confirmations Harry Reid the Democratic Majority Ledaer had to threaten the GOPer’s with cuting the vote down to a simple majority…

The Senate voted 55 to 38 to move forward with the nomination of Patricia Ann Millett to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, five votes short of the 60 required to break the Republican filibuster. Forty Republicans opposed the nomination, three voted “present” and two joined Democrats in supporting her. The vote to advance the nomination of Representative Melvin Watt, Democrat of North Carolina, to become the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency was 56 to 42, four votes short. Forty-one Republicans opposed Mr. Watt, and two supported him.

Republican objections to Ms. Millet, however, had nothing to do with her judicial temperament or political leanings. Instead, Republicans say they want to refuse Mr. Obama any more appointments to the appeals court, which is widely recognized as second only to the Supreme Court in importance and often rules on the legality of executive branch actions.

“Our Democratic colleagues and the administration’s supporters have been actually pretty candid,” said Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader. “They’ve admitted they want to control the court so it will advance the president’s agenda.”

The court is currently split evenly with four Republican appointees and four Democratic appointees among the judges who regularly hear cases. But it still has three vacancies…..


States jump into the Privacy Business….

Of Course the Fed’s have the last word on most of this stuff….

Over two dozen privacy laws have passed this year in more than 10 states, in places as different as Oklahoma and California. Many lawmakers say that news reports of widespread surveillance by the National Security Agency have led to more support for the bills among constituents. And in some cases, the state lawmakers say, they have felt compelled to act because of the stalemate in Washington on legislation to strengthen privacy laws.

“Congress is obviously not interested in updating those things or protecting privacy,” said Jonathan Stickland, a Republican state representative in Texas. “If they’re not going to do it, states have to do it.”

For Internet companies, the patchwork of rules across the country means keeping a close eye on evolving laws to avoid overstepping. Many companies have an internal team to deal with state legislation. And the flurry of legislation has led some companies, particularly technology companies, to exert their lobbying muscles — with some success — when proposed measures stand to harm their bottom lines.

“It can be counterproductive to have multiple states addressing the same issue, especially with online privacy, which can be national or an international issue,” said Michael D. Hintze, chief privacy counsel at Microsoft, who added that at times it can create “burdensome compliance.” For companies, it helps that state measures are limited in their scope by a federal law that prevents states from interfering with interstate commerce…..


Political Roundup for October 31, 2013…Healthcare woe’s trumpting Shutdown damage?…Red Racing Horses…

by: Ryan_in_SEPA
Happy Halloween… one of my least favorite holidays.

FL-13: The special election dates to replace the late Representative Bill Young have been set.  The primary election will be January 14, 2014 and the general election will be March 11, 2014.

LA-Sen: It is election time for Mary Landrieu as she is now coming to the rescue by demanding the Obama administration do something to save vanishing health plans.  Like many members of Congress, Landrieu obviously did not read the fine print or should would have known this was going to happen based on the statute and the regulations.

Obamacare: While the government shutdown might have undermined Republican credibility, the massive disaster Obamacare has become is making the Republicans look wise.  This disaster should help anyone who attacked Obamacare regardless how irrationally they attacked it.

Obama approval: In case you did not know, President Obama’s approval ratings are tanking in light of the residual effects of the government shutdown and the larger Obamacare rollout fiasco….



How does Ted Cruz run for the GOP nomination without the Party elders happy?

First ….We have a Politico piece explaining that the rookie CONSERVATIVE Republicans Senator from Texas, who spends a good amount of time over directing House Tea Party members on ways to beat up their leadership and their President , has extended a truce with his fellow GOP members…

He won’t  organize campaigns AGAINST them….

(Ballsy, eh?)

Second …..We have Larry Sabato’s site out with a piece that examines the prospects for Cruz , if he run for the GOP nomination, AGAINST the very people who control the process….

Can he do it?


Would he be successful?

Maybe…But it would extremely difficult to pull of….

Is THAT the reason he’s putting that he won’t mess with his fellow GOP Senate Party members, who I doubt are his friends right now….

Extending an olive branch to GOP senators, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is privately making it clear he won’t engage in the Senate Conservatives Fund’s hardball tactics to defeat his colleagues in their primary races.

At a closed-door lunch meeting of Senate Republicans Wednesday, the freshman conservative told his colleagues that he would not intervene in their 2014 primary fights or fundraise for the controversial outside group. Cruz added that the SCF’s decision to try to defeat sitting GOP senators in their primaries was its alone, according to several people familiar with the session.



“Sounds like we got trouble in River City… Good citizens, make your check payable to Cruz Against Soviet Healthcare. Or just ‘CASH’”

– Republican operative and commentator Mike Murphy, Oct. 25

Those in the political world with nothing better to do Friday night were transfixed on C-SPAN or Twitter, following along with Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) speech in Des Moines to the Republican Party of Iowa. Among those were members of the hard-to-define “Republican Establishment.” The best way to describe the establishment is that they are the people who think that the 87 House Republicans who voted to end the government shutdown and increase the debt limit two weeks ago cast a smart vote, as opposed to the 144 other Republicans in the House who didn’t.

Murphy (@murphymike), an alum from John McCain’s rogue 2000 presidential campaign and a Meet the Press regular, was one of the establishment Republicans tweeting snark about Cruz during his speech (example above). Another was Alex Castellanos (@alexcast), best known these days as a commentator on CNN. In response to a Cruz comment that dumping every Washington strategist in the ocean would be “a good start,” Castellanos cracked that he could “recommend a good finish.”

To the establishment, Cruz is the embodiment of all the forces conspiring to threaten the GOP’s long-term viability. And, on a personal level, they also just can’t stand Cruz: He drives them crazy.

Ever since he’s been elected, we here at the Crystal Ball have heard groaning from Democrats and Republicans alike about how much they dislike Cruz….


Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest 10/31/13… Choose Your Own Polling Adventure in Virginia!

Reposted from Daily Kos Elections by David Nir

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Leading Off:

• VA-Gov: It’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” day in the Old Dominion. If you think Ken Cuccinelli is a radical extremist who wants to ban birth control and had a shutdown-shaped anvil dropped on his head by his fellow Republicans in D.C., turn to page 15. There, you find a Roanoke College poll showing Cuccinelli trailing Terry McAuliffe 46-31, with Libertarian Robert Sarvis at 9. That’s widened considerably from a 41-36 T-Mac lead earlier this month.

If you think McAuliffe is a sleazy businessman and Democratic hack who’s only in contention thanks to the Gang of Fiveturn to page 4. There you see Quinnipiac University featuring McAuliffe ahead just 45-41 (and Sarvis again at 9), down from his 46-39 edge just a week ago.

Turn to page 6: You hear staccato bursts of gunfire and smell the unmistakable odor of smoldering ruins all around you. Wondering where you are, a pasty man with crazed eyes scurries past, clutching gold bricks to his chest. “Welcome to Mogadishu!” he exclaims. And suddenly it hits you: You’re in a Randian paradise, which is why the Libertarian candidate is at 12 percent according to Hampton University (with McAuliffe somehow still ahead 42-36). As you get struck down by a bullet yourself and draw your last breath, you finally figure out who John Galt is.

Turn to page 7: You reluctantly reach your hand into a dark recess, trying but failing to ignore the ectoplasm coating the cavity. You make contact with something disturbingly plastic that you sense could change at any moment. Grasping at this hideous horror, you tear it from its moorings to expose it to the harsh light of day. “McAuliffe lead shrinks 10 points!” it shrieks. “Up just 43-36! Was up 17 just a week ago!” Disgusted, you unclench your fist, allowing Rasmussa, the shapeshifter from the fevered depths of Wingnuttia, to fall to the ground, whereupon you stomp it to death—but knowing it will resurrect itself by next week.

Turn to page 18: Your vision is blotted out by a psychedelic wash of colors, and you hear trippy sitar music off in the distance. Nothing really seems to make sense here: Gravity’s a mess, and even time doesn’t seem to be flowing in a forward direction. That would help explain why, with less than a week to Election Day, a cackling John Zogby is telling nobody in particular that 18 percent of voters are still undecided. Laughter envelops you and you wake up giggling, realizing it was all just a hilariously bad dream.

No matter what, though, one thing is for certain: Ken Cuccinelli chose wrong….

Continue Reading….